Fantastic Beasts Three Officially Has a Release Date


The Third Movie in the Fantastic Beasts Series Has a Release Date

The third Fantastic Beasts movie, which as of now still doesn’t have its own title, has officially been given a release date.

Fantastic Beasts 3

The third movie in the Fantastic Beasts franchise has left fans split. Some are anxious to see what will happen next, while others are still upset about Crimes of Grindelwald. We don’t know much about the expected plot of the movie yet (obviously) other than the hope that we’ll get to see Dumbledore and Grindelwald face off.

The Criticisms

The second movie in the series has been facing some criticisms, and those may have played a factor in the delay of the third movie.

Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald (Credit Jaap Buitenduk)

One of these problems is fairly obvious. Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald has faced its fair share of criticism. First, there’s the concern about Johnny Depp being cast as Grindelwald. There were also complaints about Nagini and everything in her plot.

Then there were the complaints about timeline inaccuracies (McGonagall making her appearance as a professor well before she should have been born, for example). And then some fans weren’t pleased with the twist at the end.

It’s hard to say if these complaints were enough to delay production. But it stands to reason that they may have spent more time checking over the scripts for the following movies.

Release Date

Originally we had expected to see Fantastic Beasts 3 release in the Spring of 2020. However, when Warner Brothers announced that Dune would be coming out in that time slot, fans began to worry.

And with good reason. It turns out that they did in fact handoff that release slot to Dune, intentionally pushing back Fantastic Beasts 3 for another year. It sounds like they were seeking the time to make sure that the next movie would be everything the fans have been hoping for. Which makes us think that they are taking the complaints seriously.

The new release date is November 2021. It’s a bit farther away than we were hoping for, but us Harry Potter fans have gotten quite used to waiting, haven’t we?


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