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Fashion Friday: Console to Closet

It’s no secret anymore: we live in an era where geeks reign supreme.  Gone are the days of geeks fading into the background.  Yup, those days are long gone.  It’s perfectly natural that the overly enthusiastic dominate nearly every facet of our world.  Geeks across the globe are turning their passions into something truly notable, so it should come as no surprise that they have even infiltrated the once exclusive world of fashion.  A quick Google search returns 6,430,000 results when you enter “geek chic” as the search terms.


The mantra is “Let your geek flag fly!”  When your obsession is gaming, what better way to wear your heart on your sleeve than to literally wear your obsession?  Enter: Amanda McGinnis, A.K.A. “LadySnip3r” around the interwebs.  University student/social media specialist by day,  fashionista by night, Amanda McGinnis is the creative mind behind the popular videogame-inspired fashion blog, Console to Closet.


Outfit inspired by Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)
Console to Closet fashionista Amanda McGinnis.

Console to Closet (C2C) is the offspring of the unlikely romance between a passion for gaming and love for fashion.  Rather than a tragic mishap with toxic waste, it seems this fashion heroine’s powers laid dormant, under the surface, quietly drawing inspiration from the gaming industry and fashion world, until she reached adulthood.  It was just a year ago that this inspiration she’d been absorbing from the world around her, erupted into pure energy, fueling the drive of geeky gamer girls everywhere, who desire a way to bring their passion into the real world in a fun and creative way.


Mass Effect Inspired Outfit
Splurge Vs. Save Garrus Vakarian, of the Mass Effect Series

“I was playing around on Polyvore late one night and began putting together Mass Effect-looking outfits. It’s one of my favorite series and I had just beaten the third installment, so I had space on the mind. I probably put together like 15 outfits that night, each inspired by a different character from that series. I called my fiancé and told him what I did, not sure if it was something stupid or something I could actually put into a blog. He immediately was like, ‘you need to do this now’, so I started a Tumblr that night (under a few different names) and Console to Closet was born!” Amanda explains.


From humble beginnings on Tumblr, Console to Closet has grown to considerable notoriety.  C2C has been featured on major websites such as Kotaku and MSNBC, but that pales in comparison to being praised by geek-goddess Felicia Day on The Flog.  Felicia has been known to break websites by sending hordes of her minions to descend upon them.  However, this is not how Amanda rates her success.


Minecraft's Creeper Inspired Outfit
Minecraft’s Creeper Inspired Outfit

When asked, Amanda said “…one of the most recent moments that made me feel like ‘I’ve made it’ was PAX East 2013. PAX East is a gaming convention that I’ve attended for the past 3 years and this past year, I was actually a speaker. I was on a panel with other bloggers and gaming merch creators, and it was so rewarding to see people that came out to hear about our blogs and projects. I spent some time after the panel, talking with some of the audience, and it was so amazing to meet so many people that have a similar passion. That was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had from C2C.”


Like most do-gooders, this heroine puts in the hours doing thankless task, behind the scenes, that the average citizen doesn’t even think about.  Finding the inspiration in video games comes naturally for her, but keeping ahead of the curve in the fashion world takes a lot of effort.  Digging through masses of possibilities to find the perfect representation of the gaming inspiration that is stylish enough for the most seasoned fashionista is a time-consuming challenge.


Final Fantasy X's Yuna Inspired Outfit
Final Fantasy X’s Yuna Inspired Outfit

“Console to Closet only posts outfits that are trendy, stylish, and most importantly, wearable. Every outfit I create, I ask myself, would I wear this? It’s definitely something that’s very important to me and I think it sets C2C apart from other fashion and gaming blogs.” She also divulged that time has been one of the greatest obstacles for her to overcome.  “I had to make the important decision a few months ago about the level of my commitment to C2C – Was this blog worth the 10 + hours a week I was putting into it? Fortunately, I decided that C2C is my baby and I intend to see it through.”


It’s definitely not all sunshine and roses for our fashion heroine.  Even the most novice comic book fan can tell you that every hero has their villainous counterpart – that arch nemesis who rises against them, time after time.  For C2C’s creator, Amanda, that villain is named Misunderstanding.


“I still get messages saying ‘Well that character wouldn’t wear that outfit’ or ‘that outfit looks nothing like the character’s outfit’. I feel like a broken record player when I say, C2C is outfits that are inspired by games.  I can’t really complain though since that’s my biggest problem!” Our heroine explains, and like a ball of sunshine emanating from within, she takes out Misunderstanding with polite, professional responses, and an attitude of gratitude.

Silent Hill's Pyramid Head Inspired Outfit
Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head Inspired Outfit


Click here to view the full transcript of Amanda’s interview and learn more about her process.



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