The Fate of The Furious Debuts Its First Trailer

Director F. Gary Gray brings cars, Cuba, a submarine, and all kinds of action to the debut trailer for The Fate of The Furious.

The Furious Franchise Bares Another Betrayal

The Fast films have a humble beginning. What began as a loving riff on the Point Break formula has become a globe-trotting spy adventure. And the debut trailer for The Fate of The Furious proves that the franchise has no intention of slowing down. In a 30-minute Facebook Live event, the stars of the film debuted the latest trailer in Times Square. The trailer finds Dominic Turreto and his surrogate family finishing up a mission with special agent Hobbs. From there, twists and turns abound. We won’t spoil the rest of the trailer, but there is a submarine, and a ton of vehicular carnage. Check it out below and we can reconvene after.


So there it is. Dom goes rogue and the rest of the team has to figure out why. It features an inversion Furious Six’s plotline, which featured Michelle Rodriguez’s amnesia stricken Letty working for Owen Shaw, the villain. The Furious films are always ensemble pieces. However, Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner and his wife, Mia provided an emotional anchor the audience can attach themselves to. Unfortunately, due to Walker’s untimely death before the seventh film’s release, the creators have to re-focus that emotional center. The ultimate plan is to release ten Fast movies, and with a major player in the ensemble missing, there is a lot riding on The Fate of The Furious. There is no doubt that the franchise has staying power. Furious 7 crossed a billion dollars at the international box office like it was nothing. Fan demand for these films is at an all-time high. Star Trek Beyond’s Justin Lin left behind some massive shoes to fill after the sixth installment. James Wan was able to keep the moment going, and now it is up to F. Gary Gray to deliver more high-octane excitement.

The Fate of The Furious speeds into theaters April 14th, 2017.

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