My Favorite Comic Book Couples

Everyone Has a Favorite Comic Book Couple

With Valentine’s Day being right upon us, I decided it was a perfect time to look at couples in comics. These are the couples that I feel are great for each other, and great examples of what a relationship could be. A great couple overcomes obstacles together, knows no end to what they would do for their partner. A great couple makes the other a better person than they would be on their own. With that in mind, these are the couples I admire the most in comics. After reading who my favorite couples are, take a moment and let me know yours in the comments below.

Honorable Mention

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones complement each other so well that they nearly made my top five. Before they met each other, Luke was a hero for hire while Jessica was drowning in alcohol and self-pity. Their first hook-up was anything but sweet, but the romance that eventually followed definitely was. While these two are typically loners, their stubbornness and toughness make them the perfect match for each other.

5. Gambit and Rogue

My Favorite Comic Book CouplesThe greatest “will they, won’t they” couple in comics. He’s a ragin’ Cajun and she is never allowed to feel the touch of another human being. If she does, she just might kill them. Not only that, but she absorbs the memories of the person she touches too. Something like that leaves little room for mystery in a relationship. Gambit, ever the rogue himself, doesn’t think this is a dealbreaker and pursues a relationship with her.

Because of Rogue, Gambit keeps his criminal tendencies in check. And because of Gambit, Rogue is able to open herself up to the possibility of letting someone into her life. They both take a chance for the better because of each other. The biggest moment for me was the cover of X-Men #12, when they finally lock lips. Pretty sure I have at least a dozen copies lying around here somewhere.

4. Superman and Wonder Woman (Kingdom Come)

My Favorite Comic Book CouplesKingdom Come is the greatest story of all time, in any medium. This might be different for others, but this is it for me. The marriage of the end-of-times from the Book of Revelation and superheroes is pure genius. And in all of the chaos, a light emerges with Superman finding his way back thanks in part to Wonder Woman. Superman has gone underground after a tragedy that happened as he tried to apprehend a criminal. He starts losing his humanity, reverting to his Kryptonian name. She is a soldier with no direction. In the end, she helps bring him back his compassion while he gives her a sense of purpose. They are the couple I thought always wanted to happen. In the future of the DC Universe, it still could.

3. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

My Favorite Comic Book CouplesPeter Parker has had some rough luck over the years, even dubbing it “the old Parker luck”. A running joke throughout the series, anytime Pete gets ahead, life is there to kick him back down. That bad luck extends to his relationships, many of whom I am sure I have forgotten. That’s the funny thing about “Parker Luck”, he may have been lucky with the ladies, but that luck always ran out and the relationships died. One of them quite literally. Parker was never able to get that balance between life as Parker and life as Spider-Man. That is, until Mary Jane Watson.

Mary Jane was the one he could confide in, the one who eventually learned his identity. She was the one who he could be his true self with and was finally able to strike that work-life balance. Mary Jane was strong and independent, a perfect foil to Pete’s insecure and needy personality. I keep using the past-tense because Marvel decided to mess up their entire marriage, but I digress. That’s a soapbox for another day. Just know I still root for them to get back together one day.

2. Ralph and Sue Dibny

My Favorite Comic Book CouplesNot a couple you often hear people talk about, but one that people should know. Ralph and Sue are utterly, utterly in love and no one could ever get between them. Even during bwa-ha-ha years of the Justice League, they were a couple you could rely on. Everything you need to know about how devoted these two were can be found in Identity Crisis #1. The issue may end in one of the saddest moments in comics ever, but leading up to it was a master class in how to write two characters very much in love. Which left Ralph and Sue in a very sad place when 52 started. Their story ended on a very triumphant note, and both of those stories are ones I feel everyone should read. Sadly, we have not seen them in the rebirth era of DC, but I hope we do one day soon.

1. Marko and Alana

My Favorite Comic Book CouplesSaga is the greatest comic being published today, in large part thanks to the relationship between the two main characters. The main characters are from two warring worlds, he gets captured and she is his prison guard. Thanks to a trashy romance novel she reads, the two of them strike up an unlikely romance. She helps him escape, and while on the run, they wind up conceiving a child. This complicates things since they are from two different races of people. He has horns and she has wings, a match made in heaven.

These two characters, while unrealistic, are written incredibly realistically. Marko and Alana love each other so much, and it is very apparent they do. But they also have their issues which almost do them in. They may get separated by space and time, but their love guides them together. #relationshipgoals

Bonus: Terrible Couple I Still Loved

One of my favorite couples from when I was a kid was Spider-Man and Black Cat. Terrible coupling for Peter Parker, but great for Spider-Man. He was much more confident as Spider-Man while he was with her, and their team-ups were fantastic. The fact she didn’t want to know who he was under the mask ultimately killed their relationship. Hey Pete, that’s a pretty big clue you are in a toxic relationship. Even with this, it was still a favorite of mine as a kid.

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