FCBD Review – TMNT

FCBD Review – TMNT 

Donnie and Professor Honeycutt are making some technological upgrades to the sewer lairs defense systems, so they can better prepare for any new or old enemies showing up. After testing out this new system the brothers and professor Honeycutt have a short while to reflect upon what has happened over the past couple of years in their lives. The reflective time is interrupted quickly by an uninvited guest and things go from bad to worse to weird.

The writing team does a great job with this free comic book day edition of this series. They effectively tell a new story while getting anybody that just happened to pick this up basically caught up on what is going on in the series or as best you can catch someone up on over 100 (counting micro series and other off shot/mini series) of back issue story arcs of an ongoing story in a few pages, while it is not the most tactful way to do an information dump it gets the job done. The Turtles and professor Honeycutt basically reminisce about the past and we have flashbacks to major events that have happened in the past few story arcs until a new big bad is introduced and things get strange.

TMNT free comic book day 2017


Cory Smith handles the art duties on this issue and he is no stranger to the IDW TMNT line he has drawn several story arcs in the past for this series. His style is similar to Mateus Santolouco but a his inking and “cartooning” is a little looser than Santolouco’s and his art is not as dynamic. He does a great job on giving the turtles and the story lines a little “darker” feel with his style and does a great job on action-oriented pages. Only complaint would be in some scenes the turtles look super skinny, almost emaciated, it is really weird and is immediately noticeable. Ronda Pattison continues to do an incredible job coloring this series. She does some fantastic work in the darker scenes using light and shadows to enhance the tension on certain pages. 


The 2017 Free Comic Book Day edition of IDW TMNT ongoing series is a fantastic edition and a must pick up for fans of the series as it starts off the new story arc that is beginning is issue #73. The team also does a swell job of introducing any new readers that just might have grabbed this issue while celebrating free comic book day at their local shop. They get most of what has been happening in this universe for the past few years out in a few pages so new readers can start picking up the series without being totally lost. Overall this is a great issue for not only for fans of the series but new readers alike, you get the main ongoing narrative pushed along, a fun action story that has the turtles battling a new foe and a nice cliffhanger that will have new and old readers alike clamoring to pick up the next issue to follow the TMNT gang on their new mission.

P.S.  Don’t forget if you go to a comic book shop for free comic book day to get some books try to buy something also those free books are not free for the shop owner to get.

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