The Latest ‘Logan’ Trailer Is Here

Wolverine has always been a popular character in the Marvel universe. He is definitely one of the most recognizable heroes, especially with Hugh Jackman playing him for the past 10 years. But something has always seemed to be lacking from the X-Men films and specifically from the Wolverine character. Despite Hugh Jackman having the perfect look for the character, the filmmakers behind the character have always seemed to go lackluster in terms of the X-Men universe. But now with the latest installment, Logan coming to theaters soon, something has us rather excited. 

The final Logan trailer has released today and boy does it have us excited. It finally gives us a bit more of a glimpse into the plot and even pieces of some epic action bits. The plot seems to translate into this: Logan and Professor X seem to be one of the few mutants left, wandering around the world. Logan then discovers a little girl who has quite the mutant ability, in fact, it’s eerily similar to Logan’s powers. However, she is being hunted by a group of evil men (we don’t know much else about the villains). Logan must then protect her and keep her safe from these other men. 

What Has Us Excited About Logan

The first thing that is most noticeable in the final trailer is the gore. Wolverine has always been quite the violent character in the comics, but his films have always strayed away from that. In the several action sequences, we see in the trailers, they do not shy away from the violence and gore. From Logan ripping and tearing people apart with his claws. We even see some action from the little girl who also rips and tears some people apart. So finally, we are going to receive a powerful Wolverine film. Not only in the action, but in the emotion as well. Hugh Jackman has always been a talented actor and in the X-Men films, he hasn’t really been able to show that off. But with a premise that takes on a seriously powerful situation, it looks like we will get to see some capital acting. Not only from Jackman but from Patrick Stewart as well. The plot for the film also is rather exciting. It is incredibly original and has a lot of doors that could be opened. From the trailer, it looks like there will be a lot of powerful interaction between Logan and the little girl. 

Logan is currently showing a lot of promise. It has created a lot of new aspects about the comic book universe that will force us to not only feel emotional but also feel riveted. 


You can check out the Logan trailer here:

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