Stark House Stars in First Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser

The season 7 premier is still half a year away, at least, but the first trailer dropped just this week. Before the start of the series Westworld, HBO flashed three quick images to hint at what is to come. But, to be honest, there wasn’t much to go off of.

The Starks Take Action

All three characters shown were three of four remaining Stark children — Sansa, Arya, and Jon. And again they are just quick glimpses, so there isn’t much to take from the trailer, but Game of Thrones fans have always been good at making assumptions.

Jon is shown at what appears to be Winterfell, talking with Sansa. This could possibly mean that Sansa is calling the shots much more than anyone expected, or at least that he still values her opinion when it comes to ruling the North. It is unlikely Jon is running amok with his new power, since he has already served at the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and understands the responsibility that leading entails, so she probably isn’t tearing him down (at least not so soon). But they also have many enemies to discuss. Whatever the reason, it’s nice to see them still talking.

Sansa is shown leaving the Godswood, which could be normal or perhaps very bad. We already know she is praying more to the old gods than she used to, but whether she just prays often, or is hoping for a miracle could change the meaning significantly. Also, Bran, wherever he is at the moment, may be able to see her and possibly communicate with her through the Heart tree, however unlikely that may be. She does look rather stressed, but with what is coming for Westeros, she really can’t be blamed for feeling the pressure.

The last Stark to be shown is Arya, and fans are more than just a little curious to see where her story takes her now. All that can be seen in her quick clip is her on a horse. It’s hard to tell where she is or where she is heading, but there are lots of options. The two most likely are off to finish clearing the names from her list and heading back home. It would be amazing to see the Stark kids band together to take down their foes, but it wouldn’t hurt for Arya to take down a few enemies in the south before heading to help against the ones in the North.

Here are the screen shots from the clip (HBO hasn’t put up the high resolution video yet, but that should be soon). If you have an idea what might be coming for the Starks, please comment and let us know.


What do you think of the new season stills? What are you looking forward to in season 7? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images via HBO.

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