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NB: Spoilers. Spoilers Everywhere.


The introduction of Far Cry 4 is enthralling. It is visually stunning, the written script is bloody brilliant, and it really does make me damn excited to play. It is quick paced and it’s exciting, you’re on a bus to fulfil your parent’s last wish and then you are being stopped, gunfight, helicopter, and bag over head and now inside a mansion. Once you’ve explored you’ll come across some useful items, a man being tortured (a friend of yours), and the Golden Path raiding the mansion. Run for your life, shoot at those pursuing you, and then get driven off a cliff. That, my dear readers, is just the beginning. Your adventure begins now.

The overall story of Far Cry 4, brought to you by Ubisoft, is that you are Ajay Ghale. He is a Kyrati-American that has returned to the fictional region of Kyrat to scatter his dead mother’s ashes. The timing isn’t fantastic. He arrives during a war between Pagan Min and the Golden Path.Different missions mean different endings.


Far Cry 4 Pagan Min

I remember in Far Cry 3 that I spent a lot more time running around the landscape killing and skinning animals to create better accessories. Not a fancy necklace or bracelet accessories but a better weapon holster, medical bag, and such. It is the same thing I did, in Far Cry 4, after dealing with a wolf infestation for a drunkard old lady. I wish you could have been there. One arrow, one barrel, and one massive explosion. Bye, bye, old-lady-harassing wolves.

Armed with my bow and arrows I gallivanted around the beautiful landscape slaughtering the local wildlife with glee and a bounce in my step. Also, I shot several of Pagan’s men with my arrow as they battled against the Golden Path rebels. I felt like a true hunter, a warrior, and a man – well woman – with a mission. Until, I met a honey badger. Then there was manic arrow flinging and knife throwing, which resulting in me screaming obscenities at the screen and slashing at the bloody thing for dear life. A honey badger. Hissing, scrapping, nasty honey badger. It tried to rip my face off so I ripped its skin off, and the skin of his buddy that had been around the corner.


honey badger


I have not finished playing Far Cry 4 just yet and I highly doubt I will be for a few days. So far, the written script is fantastic and the character you play isn’t as talkative as the Far Cry 3 guy. It makes it easier to become far more immersed in the game than before. I like the additional features that have been added on. Bait throwing. It’s genius. You can harvest meat and throw it into a group of men to attract wild animals- watch as the battle begins! From a safe distance, through your camera, of course. I’ve used it at an outpost where a bear has ripped people to shreds. I’ve also shot at a nest of buzzing hornets/wasps/angry stingy thingies and killed a man that way.

The controls are pretty simple but there have been a couple of times I’ve thrown a knife instead of crouching due to playing a previous game before that. However, said knife did go into a tapir and allowed me to get a nice double skin to use in crafting. I do advise hunting as soon as possible so that you can carry more stuff and more weaponry. I had a shotgun that I couldn’t holster for a while, terribly upsetting. The music is perfect for this game. I have felt that it complements the scenes and thus creating an atmosphere that envelopes itself around you. You are pulled in and become immersed in the game. I thought Far Cry 3 did it well but this game wipes the floor with it. It’s fantastic. Graphics are sublime. I have been playing this on my XBox 360 with a crap TV and the graphics are still stunning. I can only imagine what it would look like on the next-gen with a very nice TV. I expect my mind will be boggled.

So, in conclusion, this game is wonderful. Brilliant. It is well written, graphics are amazing, music is perfect, and the additional features improve the game play. The problems I’ve had have been very minor. I couldn’t enter a building as monkeys were in the way and I couldn’t get them to move out the way. I tried, kept trying, gave up, did something else, and returned to a monkey-less door. I can see that controls might be an issue for first time players who aren’t used to FPS. There are very little instructions but for many that won’t be an issue at all. Maybe it’s different depending on the console, I don’t know. I am very excited to see how this pans out and I might even keep you all up to date, if I remember/ have time. I want to see if Pagan Min really is the bad guy or if the rebels are rebels and not terrorists. Be warned. This game is addictive.

So… I know someone who knows a guy that knows a guy who adopted a Tuk Tuk Far Cry 4 style. Here are the videos in order for your delight. Do not attempt this at home and we aren’t responsible for what happens if you ignore this warning. We aren’t responsible for anything you do!






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