First Look: Captain Marvel #2

Hot on the heels of Captain Marvel #1’s runaway debut, Marvel has released a preview for Captain Marvel #2. And oh boy…do those soldiers have samurai swords? Read on for the images and release details!

Captain Marvel #1 has come and conquered – all in that unbelievably fantastic suit. On Marvel’s behalf, I’d like to remind you that if you didn’t pick up Captain Marvel #1, cry not. The second printing and an Avenging Spider-Man #9 Second Printing Variant will soon “fly back into comic book stores.” I don’t know about you folks, but I’m really digging the number of flight related pun opportunities Carol’s new title presents. Thank you DeConnick.

After soaring in her debut and making me cry a little in the process – it’s about time for some grungy gravity to kick in. In issue #2 Danvers must confront a challenge from her past, take a fall, and deal with the mysterious threat that is the Banshee Squadron.

In the preview, we see Carol being a little too…determined. She’s cruising over a very well populated area, trying to beat a record, when suddenly her stubbornness gets the better of her. Some very suspicious ice sends her and her borrowed plane crashing to Earth. The scene whites out and when Danvers awakens her location is unknown, forested, and…am I crazy or are we seeing Japanese men in uniform, armed with samurai swords? Hiya fellas, indeed.

Mark your calendars people. Captain Marvel #2 lands in your LCS August 15, 2012.

Marvel is proud to present your first look at Captain Marvel #2! The all-new creative team of Kelly Sue DeConnick & Dexter Soy dial it up a notch as Carol Danvers comes face to face with a challenge from her past – one she can’t walk away from! And who – or what – is the secret of the Banshee Squadron? Also, don’t miss your chance to see Marvel history in the making when Captain Marvel #1 Second Printing Variant & Avenging Spider-Man #9 Second Printing Variant fly back into comic book stores, starring the all-new smash hit superhero Captain Marvel! Dive into the high-stakes adventures of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel #2, soaring into comic shops everywhere, the Marvel Comics app, and Marvel Digital Comic Shop this August.

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