First Look At Death of Superman Sequel Film Revealed

Superman Lives!

The Death of Superman debuted at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend to rave reviews. The second adaptation by WB Animation of the now-classic storyline, it was simply the first part of a larger story. WB Animation and DC Comics have since unleashed the sneak peek for the sequel, Reign of the Supermen.

While it does appear to take some liberties, to adapt to the new DCAU canon, it does seem faithful to the comics canon. This includes the titular Supermen of the title. These include Superboy, Steel, the Eradicator, and Cyborg Superman. This will be the debut, in any media outside of comics, of the latter two; they were combined in Superman: Doomsday. Superboy has appeared in Young Justice and Steel, aka John Henry Irons, appeared on Superman: The Animated Series

Can the Real Man of Steel Please Stand Up?

As the trailer shows, there will be some changes hinted at for the film, which WB is keeping close to its chest. Obviously, this will be mainly to simplify and streamline things. After all, it took over a year to complete the story in the comics, spread across four titles. In fact, one of this reporter’s earliest articles was a review of the overall saga. 

Of the four Super-imposters, it will be likely that Superboy will be the breakout star. After all, he’s perfectly primed to join Damian Wayne on the Teen Titans. This, of course, can lead to a “Saga of the Super Sons” down the line, as Jon Lane Kent is having with Robin currently in the comics. He also has an established fanbase due to the Young Justice iteration of the character.

The cast and crew from the first half will be returning for this installment, and it’s certain to be an exciting ride. 

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