First Look at Disney’s Star Wars Themed Land

Coming to Disney theme parks in 2019 is Star Wars Land and we now have the first glimpses of the construction. Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland will feature a Star Wars land for fans to explore. This new themed attraction is said to feature never before seen planets and many goodies from the original film and new films. Fans will get to experience a battle between the First Order and Resistance. Our favorite scoundrel’s ship the Millennium Falcon will be a star of the new attraction. However, from the teaser we see that the Empire is set to take a major role.

The Empire Invades Disney

Seems like Disney has taken to the Dark Side in their teaser video. What better way to say Empire then with the All Terrain Armored Transport better known as the AT-AT. Just look at the construction site photo and you can see the makings of a life size AT-AT. In the video they go on to show the frame become the Empire’s formidable ground assault vehicle, the bane of many a rebel fighter. Except for Wedge Antilles, he brought them down by making one trip after being wrapped with a tow cable. Might have been Luke’s plan but Wedge carried it out the first go and being the brilliant pilot he is succeeded. We need more Wedge and Rebel snow speeders.


Its not so much focused on the Empire but the fight against the Empire. Guests will be brought into the galaxy far far away and become the heroes of their own Star Wars adventure. (We guess you could always join the Dark Side but that is not very Disney like.) As 2019 approaches and construction continues we expect to see more news from one of the newest Disney attractions. Just in time for Episode IX.

Guests at the new attraction visit a Star Wars planet and trading post before going onto a Star Wars experience. According to the Disney Parks blog, guests go on to wild space, “where Star Wars characters and their stories come to life”. The concept art and teasers look as younglings of all ages will have a true Star Wars experience.

In the meantime, as we wait for Star Wars, Disney guests can be transported to Pandora for an Avatar-themed land opening May 27th. Here they can experience the land and culture of the Na’vi. Including Avatar inspired cuisine and drinks, especially a frozen “bioluminescent” cocktail called Pongu Pongu. Most of all guests can be transported to the incredible world, explore the alien environment, and fly over pandora on a banshee.

What do you think of the upcoming Star Wars land? What other themed lands would you want to see in the future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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