First Look At Domino From Deadpool 2

Domino Arrives On The “Red Carpet”

Deadpool 2 is well underway into production. However, with the exception of a teaser before Logan, much of the production is on the down-low. Joining Ryan Reynolds on this latest caper is Josh “Thanos” Brolin as Deadpool’s frenemy Cable and newcomer Zazie Beetz as gal pal Domino. While we don’t know how Brolin’s Cable will look like, we now have an idea of how Beetz will look like as the probability bending mutant. Reynolds posted the first look on Twitter on Monday. The picture pokes fun at the initial promotional pics for the first Deadpool film, with Domino lying on top of Deadpool’s costume as if it is a bearskin rug.

Obviously, unlike the comic book version of the character, Beetz is African American and does not have Domino’s usual pale skin. However, they subtly give a nod to this by giving a white version of the spot around Domino’s eye. She also seems to be wearing a version of Domino’s costume that fits in with the black stealth suit aesthetic of the X-Men franchise while being a nod to the costume worn in the various comics.

A Lucky Mutant

DominoDomino first appeared (sort of, long story) New Mutants #98, along with fellow Rob Liefeld creations Cable and Deadpool. A mutant whose power is to manipulate probabilities in her general area, she has been mainly a member of the mutant strike team X-Force alongside Cable, serving as his second in command and as his lover. What role she is to play in the film is yet to be revealed.

Zazie Beetz first came to the attention of fans on the FX show Atlanta. She beat off numerous other actresses to secure the role, including notables such as Mary Elizabeth Winstead if the rumors are accurate.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to premiere on June 1st, 2018.

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