The First Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Hits the Web

Friendly Globetrotting Spider-Man

Marvel debuted the first teaser for the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home. The film finds Peter Parker on a trip to Europe with his school friends, when he has to defend the continent from the magic-wielding Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

From the Dust Returned?

When we last left our favorite web-slinging hero, he wasn’t feeling so good. At the end of a violent, intergalactic struggle against Thanos, he found himself on the wrong end of the Infinity Gauntlet. Of course, you can’t keep a good spider down. And in Spider-Man’s case, that means he’s getting his own solo adventure in 2019. As such, Marvel and Sony debuted the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the film, Peter travels across the pond with his classmates for various European hijinks. Wanting to enjoy the trip, Peter hangs up his suit. But, he quickly finds himself butting heads with Mysterio, the magician turned dome-headed villain. Check out the trailer below and then we’ll talk after.

That’s a lot to take in, but first and foremost, this movie looks great! Taking Spider-Man out of the neighborhood is a great idea, and the way the stakes are raised on both his relationships and his responsibilities as a superhero is a wonderful progression from the previous film. Also, the cameo halfway through the movie doesn’t hurt. However, a lot of fans are upset with the trailer since it seemingly spoils the events of Avengers: Endgame. On one hand, it’s easy to see where they’re coming from. On the other, Marvel is deliberately playing coy with whether or not the film takes place before or after Infinity War. A popular fan theory suggests the bus ride from the beginning of Infinity War is Peter’s bus home from his European trip.

What a Tangled Web We Weave

As far as what we see in the trailer, it’s a good deal. Sony is in charge of the marketing for the MCU Spider-Man movies, and they took a lot of flak for the marketing of Homecoming. Many felt that movie’s trailers spoiled every major plot point of the film. To a point, they were correct. But Homecoming still featured a jaw-dropping twist that elevated the movie beyond the entertaining—albeit cookie-cutter—hero’s journey story we came to expect. Hopefully Spider-Man: Far From Home has some tricks up its sleeve.

The three big things in the trailer are Peter’s stealth suit, the appearance of Nick Fury, and Mysterio wreaking havoc. So, the stealth suit. In the comics, Peter doesn’t exactly have a black suit intended for covert operations. But, an iteration of the character dresses in all black: Spider-Man Noir. This offbeat character featured in the wildly successful Into the Spider-Verse in 2018, and this could be a clever allusion to that character and some nice corporate synergy for Sony.

On the other hand, Nick Fury presents the strongest evidence for this film’s place in the MCU timeline. When he first meets Peter, Fury says it’s “nice to finally meet” Spider-Man. Now, it’s possible that they didn’t meet during The Snappening, but it’s highly unlikely. So, this could be the key to unlocking Marvel’s intentions with Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Finally, Mysterio looks great. The villain’s suit has every reason to look goofy and out of place, but they toned down its colors and gave him a look reminiscent of something in Doctor Strange’s world, and it worked out very well. Furthermore, Jake Gyllenhaal is a massively talented actor, and he gives the line “You don’t want any part of this!” some pathos and compassion that suggest Mysterio may be a reluctant villain. Overall, Spider-Fans should be ecstatic and have July 5th circled on their calendars.

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