First Trailer for BBC’S Adaptation of The ABC Murders Released


The First Trailer for BBC’s Adaptation of The ABC Murders Is Out


The BBC has been working on an adaptation for Agatha Christie‘s The ABC Murders for some time now, and we finally get to see some of the progress. If the trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be a brilliant experience!

The Series

John Malkovich plays Hercule Poirot - Image Credit: BBC
John Malkovich plays Hercule Poirot – Image Credit: BBC

The ABC Murders is going to be a three-part limited series. It’ll air on BBC first, followed by Amazon Prime. The series stars John Malkovich as Hercule Poirot and Rupert Grint as Inspector Crome. Admittedly, I personally would never have thought of casting these two for the series. But it is oddly perfect. 

The series also includes Andrew Buchan, Eamon Farren, Tara Fitzgerald, Bronwyn James, Freya Mavor, and dozens of other actors. Sarah Phelps has been brought on to do the writing, while Alex Gabassi directs.

Those of us in the United States will be able to watch the series on Amazon Prime, but not until February. Still, a month isn’t that long to wait, all things considered. 

The ABC Murders

Set in the 1930s, Poirot tracks down a serial killer, known only as the ‘A.B.C.’ killer. The killer moves around frequently, making him hard to track and even harder to catch. The only clue left at the crime scenes is a lone A.B.C. Railway Guide—the namesake for the killer.

Originally published in 1936, The A.B.C. Murders is actually the thirteenth book in the Hercule Poirot series. It is one frequently talked about and referenced, which is likely the reason they decided to go with this selected novel. Like many other novels in the series, you can jump in at any point and have little to no difficulty following along—so don’t let the series number scare you off!

The Trailer

The trailer did a wonderful job of capturing the tone of the novel. It’s dark and mysterious, but also full of personality. They really ran with the stylistic choices of the 1930s, which truly enhanced the look and feel of the miniseries. As a fan that read the novel it is based on, the trailer did a good job of relieving any concerns I had about it. I’m looking forward to seeing their interpretation of the classic novel. 

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