First Unofficial Look at Shazam Costume Online

Shazam Costume Unofficially Revealed By Fan

Shazam!, one of the upcoming films in the DC Extended Universe, is currently filming in Toronto. Zachary Levi has already posted hints of how he might look as Shazam. However, he hasn’t given us a look at the costume. Like many DC films, the film is under tight security, trying to keep paparazzi and fans at bay. But, that can fly out the window when you move filming off the set and into the real world. On Tuesday, filming for Shazam! was taking place in a Toronto mall. Zachary Levi was there, as was Mark Strong as the film’s villain, Thaddeus Sivania. But there was also an intrepid fan who seized a moment to snap of a picture of Levi in costume. He must have outwitted security because he uploaded it to the internet.

Shazam Suit Inspired By New 52 Iteration

Shazam Movie Costume - Photo Credit: David F. Sandberg
Shazam Movie Costume – Photo Credit: David F. Sandberg

The suit seems to be made of a similar material as is used in most superhero films. It does look at little more generic compared to the DCEU Superman suit but looks pretty decent. It also appears to be not as padded as one might think, showing Levi has seriously built himself up for the role. Design wise, it seems to take more from the New 52 iteration designed by Gary Frank instead of the more traditional look for the Big Red Cheese. These include the hooded full cape versus the original military cape worn by the character when he was called Captain Marvel. The boots look a little generic and clunky, but it is something they can fix in post-production. The big thing about this costume is how bright it is. This is good since WB wants this to the DCEU entry for kids, as well as moving in a lighter direction.

Shazam Versus Extreme Snyder Fans

However, online there has been a hew and cry over Shazam’s costume hue. Some extreme fans of Zack Snyder have attacked the costume for being so bright. They have even gone so far to say that the costume violates “Zack’s vision”. This, of course, entirely ignores the fact Snyder isn’t even involved in the film. Thankfully, people seem to be ignoring this tantrum:

In any case, WB will now be feeling the pressure to release an official look at the costume with effects now. It will be a delight to fans, old and new, when that day comes.

Shazam! will debut April 5th, 2019. The next DC film, and the only one for 2018, will be Aquaman on December 21st. 


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