Five Actors Who Could Claim Batfleck’s Mantle

Will the Real Batman Please Stand Up?

Let’s face it. Ben Affleck’s days as the Batman are numbered. Even if he stays on board for several more movies, eventually another caped crusader will pick up the cowl. We have a few ideas who could willingly carry that weight.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal

Obviously the popular critics’ choice, Gyllenhaal is a fantastic actor who just hasn’t seemed to get a foothold into a great blockbuster franchise. Movies like Nightcrawler cemented his unwavering commitment to character work in high concept stories just like fans want from Batman. Pair him with Matt Reeves and you might have a worthy successor to Nolan’s trilogy.

2. Jim Sturgess

Jim SturgessYou don’t know him yet, but given time, Sturgess may be the next household name. Besides looking the part of Bruce Wayne, the Hard Sun actor would comfortably step into the role as a fresh face. A proper American accent and direction would set him apart from the other Batmen. Plus, he still has the stamina to stay on for several years across the multiple franchises Warner Brothers demands. 

3. Karl Urban

Karl UrbanNever a poor casting choice, Urban fits right in with the rest of the nerds. From Star Trek’s Bones to Thor: Ragnorak’s Executioner, and of course Judge Dredd, he has lovingly brought new life in many fan favorites. Give this man a leading role already! No other superhero is more beloved than Batman and I cannot think of an actor who would approach it with more reverence.  

4. Anson Mount

Anson MountGive this man a break. We can argue what made Marvel’s Inhumans so bad, but the blame will not be pinned to Mount. Hell on Wheels proved his acting chops for about five years and there’s no reason he could not receive redemption after ABC’s train wreck. A good script and character study brings something fresh to the role.

5. Oscar Issac

Oscar IsaacWe almost guarantee this will not happen because of schedules, (Oh Lord, please don’t let Poe Dameron die) but it’s fun to dream. For years, we have argued which Batman actors made a good Batman but not a good Bruce Wayne and vice versa. Why not both? Issac has quite a range that few performers pull off. He effectively would woo every lady in attendance but you could also believe his dark (knight) side. 

Honorable Mention: Michael Keaton (or another former Batman)

Michael KeatonHear us out on this one. Let’s be honest, the Dark Knight Returns is in the top five iconic graphic novels of all time. And it is far overdue for a big screen adaption.  Now is the perfect time to reintroduce Michael Keaton to the role, in an Elseworlds style movie that reinvents how we view superhero movie roles. Spider-Man: Homecoming reminded us that he still had it in spite of age and hero fatigue.  No, it’s not a replacement for Batfleck, but it might be just the distraction we need while the DCEU is revamped for a better, brighter day.

Do you agree with our picks, or do some of them make you want to run over villains in a Bat-tank? Let us know in the comments!

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