Five Directors Who Could Direct ‘The Batman’

Monday it was announced that Ben Affleck would no longer being directing DC’s stand alone Batman film, The Batman. This not only left DC fans upset but film fans upset as well. Affleck has delivered three spectacular films as a director, so seeing him take on a superhero film could be wildly entertaining. Affleck was not fired from the project but instead decided to step down, and he will still be starring in and producing it. But now with no name attached at the helm of the Caped Crusader, we are left to wonder: “Who could do the film justice?” It’s without a doubt that nothing will ever come close to the trilogy that Christopher Nolan created, but there is hope for something to come slightly close. With that being said, here are five directors who could direct The Batman that would serve the film it’s justice.

The list is solely who could craft the film to it’s best potential, not necessarily who the studios would pick or who is first in line.

ben affleck batman 25. J.J. Abrams

Abrams has a fantastic visual style. He has proven through Mission Impossible 3 all the way to The Force Awakens that he has a powerful visual element to his films. The other talent Abrams possesses is he knows how to tell a cohesive story. With something as jumbled as the DC Cinematic Universe, it would be refreshing to see someone come in to the project and tell something cohesive. Not to mention Abrams has also successfully resurrected three separate franchises, (Mission Impossible, Star Trek, Star Wars) so who’s to say he couldn’t do it again?

4. Mel Gibson

Gibson has explosively returned to the world of cinema and despite what your personal opinions on him are, the man knows how to craft a film. With his latest installment, Hacksaw Ridge, he proves that he can mix both emotion and action. Now the action is Hacksaw Ridge is absolutely insane, but if told to tone it down it could be possible for Gibson to craft some comic book-style action sequences. Gibson also has the ability to direct actors to their full potential, so if he got to work with an ensemble that comes with these superhero films he could really shine as a director.

3. Kathryn Bigelow

Bigelow has a lot of experience under her belt. Directing nine feature films, she may be ready to tackle a large size blockbuster. Not that she hasn’t before, giving us Point Break and The Hurt Locker, but with something like Batman she could definitely flex some of her muscles. One thing Bigelow is really talented at is two person interactions in her films. She would be excellent at the smaller scenes in the Batman film and then of course she would bring out her talents for action sequences to the table as well.

2. Antoine Fuqua 

Fuqua has given us some really gritty films in the past. Showing how certain characters can descend into madness, he could be really effective at showing the contrast of Batman with whichever villain has been chosen. Fuqua is also talented at bringing an ensemble of actors together; he can effectively work with multiple actors and make them all shine. Then of course he’s proven time and time again that he knows how to film action sequences.

1. George Miller

Miller is without a doubt one of the greatest action directors living. He has mastered the action sequence ever since he started and he proved in 2015 that he’s still got it. One thing Miller would bring to the project would be the practicality. The look of the action sequences and the feel of them would be almost surreal. Not in the sense of “off the wall” surreal, but surreal at how alive he makes his action sequences. Despite not showing much interaction talent in the Mad Max films, he clearly could bring something new to the table in terms of the Batman series.


Do you agree with our list? Who would you like to see direct The Batman?

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