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GeeksOut is a nonprofit LGBT organization, started in 2010 to promote and praise queerness in geek culture.  They have been present at several conventions, including NYCC for the past four years.

Additionally, at both NYCC 2013 and NYCC 2014, GeeksOut has helped run the incredible LGBT in Comics Panel, which featured writers and artists such as Phil Jimenez, Annie Mok, and Kieron Gillen.  You can check out a write-up on the 2014 panel here!

GeeksOut, having conquered NYCC and left a solid impact on geek culture, is now raising funds for the first ever LGBT orientated comic convention, called Flame Con.  This is a revolutionary event for both gay geeks and comics fans everywhere.

Says GeeksOut president Joey Stern, “It’s time for the Queer community in NYC to have a space for them to nerd out!”

On the Kickstarter page for Flame Con, Joey also points out that “enjoyable stories and ideas that are explicitly queer are rare, and often controversial,” despite the fact that “there are queer characters and call-outs…subplots and inclusive themes.”  Flame Con is a push out of subtext for the queer community and a bold move forward.

One might even say: We’re here, we’re queer, and we writers, artists, and creators to know that we consume geek media and are seeking more active representation!

I don’t recommend actually saying all of that at once.  It got a little wordy.  I’m sure that something more catchy will be thought up in due time.

On the Kickstarter, Joey reminds us that “The LGBTQ community is separated into different groups that all too often don’t mix or learn from each other’s experiences: gays and lesbians, cisgender and trans people, twinks and bears… But comic cons are all about mixing!” 

This is a great opportunity for a community to come together.  Flame Con will feature several prominent creator guests, as well as panels, an art show, and a cosplay parade!

The Kickstarter for Flame Con can be found here.  The ending date is December 4, 2014.  So far, GeeksOut has raised over half of their goal! 

More on Flame Con as it progresses!  And check out the GeeksOut site here.

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