The Flash is Running to the Big Screen

With The Flash TV show recently appearing on The CW, it seems that DC Comics is keeping in toe with the new Flash craze and is making a movie for the fastest man alive. It seems that Ezra Miller will be playing the speedster on the big screen and not the star of the CW’s The Flash, Grant Gustin. This is probably to keep in line with DC Comics movie universe and their TV universe to be kept separate; unlike Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.


Now, Ezra Miller is a relatively new actor that has done more small roles in films or TV shows, and the roles that he has played when he was more prominent have usually been different then The Flash’s character. One role Miller has been in that more may recognize him from was as Patrick in the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. He has been praised for that role, yet still people have their doubts about Miller for bringing Barry Allen as The Flash to life it takes a certain type of fun and bright personality. Will, Miller have this energy?

The Flash Accelerating

The good thing is that with the 2018 release of The Flash movie Miller has more than enough time to prepare to be this scarlet speedster. Although, the problem does arise that fans of The Flash will have Grant Gustin’s Flash cemented into their heads as the truly, great Flash of modern times. Miller will need to bring all he has got to the field to fill out that red, hero suit and lightning bolt mask. Only time will tell, but DC Comics and Warner Bros. have to go all in with Marvel Studios looking as if they can do no wrong.

About the author

Ryan Martin

I am a marvelous nerd with many interests. The name is Ryan Martin, traveler to debater of the ideas that go into comic movies these are things I do. The mystical characters are the ones I find more interesting in series and I think that no one can completely dislike a series. You just have to find one character you enjoy. Buffy, Angel, and Charmed are shows I like.

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