DC’s Flashpoint Movie No Longer Happening

Detail of fan-made DC Flashpoint movie poster by ArkhamNatic
Detail of fan-made DC Flashpoint movie poster by ArkhamNatic

DC Comics announced at last year’s Comic-Con that the Flash movie would be based on Flashpoint. One year later, it turns out that may not be happening after all. MTV spoke to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who would have played Batman in the movie. When asked about it, he had disappointing news. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Batman - fan-made image by YouTube user Smasher
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Batman – fan-made image by YouTube user Smasher

“When Zack Snyder was involved with the DC universe more, I think there was a real possibility,” Morgan said. “But now that he’s kind of stepped away a little bit I’ve heard different things that Flashpoint might not be going in that direction. It will be more of an origin story for Flash.”

What Happened to Flashpoint?

Despite what Morgan has said, it is very possible other reasons contributed to the Flash movie changing its story. Ever since the AT&T merger, things have been shifting at DC Comics. Geoff Johns is no longer the Chief Creative Officer, which means he could have less control over what is going on with the Flash movie. 

Another thing to consider is that the movie is on its third director right now. Different directors have different stories they want to tell. While one director probably wanted to tell the Flashpoint story, another director maybe wanted to tell the Flash’s origin. It is rumored that Flash’s solo movie will be more of an origin story.

Do We Need to See Flash’s Origin?

The Flash is one of the few characters that are both on television and in the movies. On television, The Flash is about to enter its fifth season. In the movies, we get a glimpse of him in Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We see more of him in Justice League but we don’t get his origin. Though maybe we don’t need to see his origin. Seeing how successful the Flash tv show is, it’s possible that a lot of people already know his origin. Sure, there are going to be fans that haven’t watched the tv show, but that doesn’t mean they need a whole two-hour movie doing the same thing.

One of the great things about the Justice League animated series is that it brought these heroes together without going deep into origin stories. What the movies can take away from this is that the origin doesn’t have to be the whole movie. They can talk about the origin without showing it. That gives the movie a chance to tell a story that the tv show hasn’t, something that will please both fans of the tv show and the movies. 

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