Fortnite Battle Royale Map Update

New Places to Try, New Ways to Die, More Reasons to Buy

Nothing says “friendship” like sitting around an open campfire with your buds, visiting the local soccer field, and getting sniped by a walking bush with a silenced pistol–all of which you can do with the latest slew of updates from Epic Games’ Fortnite.

New Areas

In this new update, subtle but massive changes abound. Five new named areas join the list of places players can have their deadly showdowns: Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, Snobby Shores, Tilted Towers, and Shifty Shafts. Tilted Towers sees the most action, as the sprawling skyscraper city offers quick and close-quarters combat within its buildings. The sheer size of the city, combined with the compacted apartments, means that myriad treasures sit waiting for discovery. New unnamed areas also join the fray, with more abandoned houses as well as an indoor sports center and soccer field.

Map Makeover

Fortnite Battle Royale map updated colors

The map itself also got a nice makeover. Instead of the vibrant green that covered the whole area, each biome now has its own color scheme. 

Moisty Mire contains thick, dark green and brown coloration, while the entire western region flourishes a forest green. Anarchy Acres and surrounding area have a wheat-growing, yellow look to them. Even in areas that saw little change, little accents and variants in color break up the flatness from before. This change allows the map to look and feel more diverse as players traverse through the jungle.

Cozy Campfires

This week also brought the Campfire item to the game. Players can set down a campfire and slowly regenerate their wounds by being near it. A quick word of advice though: the campfire burns rather brightly and crackles rather loudly. Getting tracked by other players via smoke signals does not make for fun times. 

Between allowing players to deconstruct and reconstruct the world around them, throwing bombs that force the enemy to dance, and turning into walking bush people, Fortnite has done an excellent job of creating its own identity after the controversy surrounding it. People will now be able to look at Fortnite as a crazy, cartoony battle royale instead of just another rip-off. With Fortnite receiving continued updates, more players will find themselves turning into elite, sniper-wielding masters of rapid fort construction.  

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  • Great article! The Fortnite team knows how to keep pumping out content consistently. It’s nice to see such a fun free to play game be supported so much and hopefully lead to a long lifespan. Lots of developers could learn from Epic games.


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