Freakout Over Wonder Woman 2’s Surprise Return

Returning Character in Wonder Woman Causes Fan Tantrum

On Wednesday, the first pictures for the sequel to Wonder Woman debuted online. While Gal Gadot posted a picture of her character, it was what director Patty Jenkins posted that broke the internet. It showed Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, in a 1980s mall. There is just one small problem…

…Steve died in the last movie.

Weirdly enough, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Pine is returning. After all, DC announced he would be coming back months ago. However, fans theorized he would be more like a ghost or memory. Perhaps one haunting Diana, thanks to Circe, as she goes after Cheetah. But he seems to be alive and in modern clothes. This has led to people theorizing that he was pulled from time, was resurrected or, in homage to the classic tv series, is playing WWI-Steve’s descendant.

However, there is already a large amount of outrage over this reveal. One major publication has even already declared bringing him back to be a mistake. Remember, the film started filming this week and people are already out to doom it.

The Main Arguments Against Steve’s Return

There are two main arguments against this return. The first is that it cheapens Steve’s sacrifice in Wonder Woman. However, the events still happened.  He did sacrifice himself. It still drove Diana to shut herself off from the world for a time. Steve still helped save the world, and his coming back to life doesn’t make that act any less valid. Plus these are comic book movies.  You think death sticks around that long in the comics?

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor
Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

The second is that it is a major retcon. Yes, and? Given that Zack Snyder’s vision for these movies has not been well received, maybe it is time for some retcons. Steve still might be alive and running around in the present day as an agent of ARGUS. Perhaps with the descendants of his team from the first film. After all, those characters have since been brought into the comics since as Steve’s team, the Oddfellows. They’re mainly the team ARGUS sends to deal with the really strange missions, mostly around mystical artifacts and the like. Diana might be keeping that a secret from the rest of the League to help cover for Steve’s work.

DC Hate Strikes Again

And then there are the dumb arguments, which basically boil down to “DC Sucks.” It seems that no matter what DC does, in comics, television, or films, it will be damned, sight unseen, by the so-called fans. This is incredibly frustrating because this hurts the comic/show/film before it is even released. We recently saw this in another franchise. Solo had a hate campaign against it, brought on in part by fans throwing tantrums after The Last Jedi. This ended up hurting the box office for Solo and puts the future of the anthology films in doubt.

Given the precarious state of the DC Comics movie franchise, such a campaign could harm the film’s box office before it is even released. Fans should be curious about how he is back, not tearing the film a new one just as the cameras begin to roll. But it seems DC films are subject to hate campaigns no matter what. 

This hate campaign seemed to have started in the wake of the New 52 but seems to have intensified in the wake of the movies and the increasingly polarized social media age. However, the first stills from Aquaman were also released this week, and people seem to be intrigued by it. 

Perhaps Wonder Woman ’84 will disprove the haters in the same way.

The Wonder Woman sequel is set to debut November 1st, 2019.

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