Freaky Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Arizona


It isn’t Friday the 13th, but that doesn’t make things any less freaky. 


The legendary Friday the 13th antagonist is not done with scaring people yet. That’s right, Jason Voorhees is back and better than ever. Inanimate as he may be, he’s definitely achieving his goal of terrifying others from a lake.

Maybe that’s where it all went wrong; forget fighting via combat, people should’ve had him dragged from the lake with the help of stone-faced Parks Department workers.

Lake Pleasant Regional Park

A different, older Jason Voorhees statue, this one in Crystal Lake in Crosby, Minnesota. Photo courtesy of Nerdist

That is where Jason Voorhees currently resides. It is certainly different from his usual cursed resting place. This time, he’s a horrific statue in Lake Pleasant, diminishing pleasantry for divers and park employees.  The life-like figure that haunts the lake is the artwork of Zachary Nagy, a diver with the intent of giving divers a sort-of target. According to Nagy, it serves the purpose of having something to focus on and hone their skills.

While this isn’t the only Jason statue at the bottom of a lake, it has caught the attention of the Maricopa County, Arizona Parks Department. 

Extracting Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees statue in Arizona’s Lake Pleasant. Photo courtesy of

The eerie figure’s existence was discovered about a month ago; according to a SyFy Wire report, he has been there since May. Thanks to a viral video of Jason underwater, the Parks Department is now figuring out how to extract him from the lake.  At present time, officials are informing local divers of the plans for Jason’s future. It certainly won’t be Lake Pleasant if there’s a murderous figure underwater, no matter how inanimate he may be. 

In a report by The Arizona Republic, Lake Pleasant supervisor David Jordan said he understands the tongue-in-cheek aspect of things. However, he also has to put the safety of park-goers and nature first. This includes removing a famous nightmarish lake-dweller and freeing the lake of clutter. Jordan told, “We really have to be mindful and respectful of nature…That’s one of our biggest things.” 

There’s no current date set for Jason’s removal. They’ll succeed, but hopefully they won’t fall asleep in a canoe. Ask Alice, she knows from experience.


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