Free Games With Gold – August 2016

August is right around the corner and Xbox One and Xbox 360 Gold Members are not going to want to miss the free Games With Gold. While only two games will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One players will get two different titles. However, for players that own both consoles, all four titles can be played on Xbox One, thanks to Xbox Backwards Compatibility. Once you have redeemed the Xbox 360 titles, they will be available for download on your Xbox One as well. Also, if you only have an Xbox 360, you can still redeem the Xbox One titles and they will become available once you upgrade to the One.

Free Games On Xbox One

From August 1-31 you can pick up Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. If you are a fan of the Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors series then you will probably like this crossover. Characters from both game universes are available in this hack-and-slash adventure. Many aspects of the actual gameplay are based off of the styles of Dynasty Warrior 7 and Samurai Warrior 3. This Ultimate version also includes updated graphics, additional characters and storylines.

Free Games Gold Aug16 3

Perhaps you are a fan of a more modern style of warriors. Fear not because starting August 16 through September 15 you will be able to get a copy of WWE2K16 for free. Your favorite wrestlers and pay-per-view venues, as well as the traditional venues, will be available for you to take part in your favorite types of matches. Plus you can create your own character and set out on your own personal journey for the championship belt. This Game With Gold is just as good as a Money In The Bank briefcase!

Free Games On Xbox 360

Free Games Gold Aug16 2Spelunky is an Indie title that will make you feel like you are Indie (Indiana Jones, that is). This game produces randomly generated worlds in a similar fashion to Minecraft so that each experience is new and unique. Each jungle or cave will have a different layout each time you play with new traps to dodge. You can start your treasure hunting adventure August 1-15.

Wrapping up the list, available August 16-31, is Beyond Good & Evil HD. In this HD remaster, you will be helping Jade, the main character, in her quest to expose aliens. This game combines puzzle solving mechanics with clue hunting and close combat. You will also have the assistance of other characters, like Jade’s pig-beast-uncle Pey’j and the AI unit called Secundo.

Will you be playing any of August’s Games With Gold? If so, let us know which ones in the comments below!

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