Free Games With Gold – March 2017

It is a new month and that means four new free Games With Gold options. Xbox One owners can claim and play all four games thanks to backwards compatibility. Xbox 360 owners will be able to play two of the games but also have the option to claim the Xbox One titles for when they upgrade to the newer console.

Free Games On Xbox One

Free Games Gold Mar17 4
Layers of Fear Gameplay

Layers of Fear will be available from March 1-31. This first person horror game will put you in the shoes of a painter who suffers psychological issues. You find yourself trying to complete your greatest painting yet, while also exploring an abandoned mansion. The mansion holds many secrets and puzzles that must be solved. As you solve them, you learn more about your own disturbing issues. Throw in some random jump scares for another layer of fear.

Free Games Gold Mar17 3
Evolve Gameplay

From March 16-April 15, you can get Evolve: Ultimate Edition. This first person shooter focuses on a 4v1 gameplay style. Four players will control the Hunters, who have four different classes. They will take on one player who will be in control of the Monster, which also has four different classes. There are also five different game modes, each giving different objectives to the Hunters and Monster. The Ultimate Edition includes all the DLC, which opens up new characters and skins.

Don’t forget, Project CARS will be available until March 15!

Free Games On Xbox 360

Free Games Gold Mar17 2
Borderlands 2 Gameplay

Borderlands 2, a FPS-RPG-action adventure, will be available March 1-15. Take control of one of four Vault Hunters and set off on your quest to find all the treasures of Planet Pandora. Each character has unique abilities, whether it be to spawn a turret or go invisible. To keep things interesting, weapons and other items that you find are randomly generated. You may get a pistol in one playthrough, and in the next playthrough, you could find a rocket launcher in the same spot.

Free Games Gold Mar17 5
Heavy Weapon Gameplay

On March 16-31, you can get your destruction fix with Heavy Weapon. This classic arcade-inspired shooter puts you in control of a tank. As the sidescroller levels progress, there will be more and more enemies to blow up. If things get too hectic, remember that your tank also carries nuclear bombs!

Will you be playing any of March’s Games With Gold? If so, let us know which ones in the comments below!



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