Free Games With Gold – November 2016

Xbox One and Xbox 360 Gold Members it is almost November and that means there will be four more free Games With Gold options to choose from. Thanks to backwards compatibility, all four titles are available to Xbox One owners. Xbox 360 users should also go ahead and claim the two Xbox One titles. Once you have an Xbox One they will be waiting for you in the ready to install section. Let’s see what November has to offer!

Free Games On Xbox One

free games gold nov16-3
Super Dungeon Bros Gameplay

On November 1-31, you can download Super Dungeon Bros. Wehter alone or with some friends, you can take control of Axl, Ozzie, Freddie and Lars in this heavy metal themed dungeon brawler. If you are a fan of a similar couch co-op game known as Castle Crashers, you will feel right at home with these Bros. Everything from avoiding traps and solving puzzles to the awesome weapons will have your crew head banging their way through the worlds of Rökheim.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect Gameplay

Things take a turn for the worst November 16-December 15 as you take on the role of Detective Ronan O’Conner to find your killer in Murdered: Soul Suspect. You read that right. Your character is dead and has to solve his own murder. You play as Ronan’s ghost as you review evidence, track down leads and uncover the truth. Even though the gameplay aspect of this title could be compared to L.A. Noire, it is much shorter. While this game probably would have been a better fit in October’s GWG list due to the mystery and ghost aspects, a free game is a free game.

Don’t forget, The Escapist will be available until November 15!

Free Games On Xbox 360

free games gold nov16-5
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Gameplay

Point-and-click adventures were all the rage back in the late 80s and early 90s. Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney parks, The Secret of Monkey Island let players make their own pirate adventure come to life. Available November 1-15, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will have players exploring caves and jungles once again. This remastered version has updated graphics, sounds and a control scheme more suited for the Xbox 360 controller. Will you find the treasure of Monkey Island, or will ye be walking the plank?

free games gold nov16-2
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Gameplay

To wrap things up on the Xbox 360’s Games With Gold, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will be free November 16-30. This stand-alone expansion of Far Cry 3 takes you to a futuristic, yet retro world of the 1980s that takes place in a fictional 2007. Players can expect to see plenty of neon lights and very odd fashion choices. But this is still an action intense FPS adventure. Insane weapons, massive explosions and plenty of collectibles await you on the dystopian island setting.


Will you be playing any of November’s Games With Gold? If so, let us know which ones in the comments below!

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