Fanboys Versus Zombies 3 – Undead Fun at Comic Con Continues

FvZ cover 2So, I drew short straw again amongst the comic book staff at Word of the Nerd and was assigned to review Fanboys *VS* Zombies 3 from BOOM Studios — what a chore.

Actually, I’m lying. In reality, when the post came through that FvZ was up for review again, I basically jumped at the chance, knocked the other writers out of the way and shamelessly begged my section editors to let me do it again. And you know, I regret nothing! NOTHING!

Written by Sam Humphries (Fraggle Rock; CBGB: The Comic Book) with art by Jerry Gaylord (Pulp Girls, Hollywood Highways, The BrotherhoodFanboys vs Zombies #3 sees our intrepid, heat-of-the-moment warriors, ‘The Wrecking Crew’ still battling the zombies that have taken over ComicCon.

One of the things I love about the way this story is developing is that they are not writing weak, defenseless women — in fact the women are turning out to be more competent at defending the group against zombies than the men, Of course the lack of ‘male leadership’ could be due to the fact that the men are are either vain ‘cameos’ of certain ComicCon star-regulars, or spend most of their time fighting over the women in the group.

As seen in previous issues, issue 3 is loaded with geeky references sure to make any fangirl or fanboy ‘squee’ with delight (the fact that one of the characters uses a working mech to dispatch a horde of zombies was one of my ‘total-squee’ moments).

Additionally, with a zombie oriented plot-line, it would be so easy for the graphics to devolve into a gore-fest, yet Gaylord resists that temptation. There is enough ‘gore’ splattered about that you can’t forget this is a zombie story, but it is done in such a way that you also won’t forget that at its core, FvZi  is FUNNY. Kudos to Humphries and Gaylord for the fine balancing act they are doing in this work — it isn’t easy to stay on target and balance gore with humor, but they are pulling it off.

And, not to give away a spoiler or anything, but you will NEVER look at energy drinks the same after reading this issue! In fact, I think I may add a case of the stuff to my ‘WTSHTF’ prep kit — just in case.  😉



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Dani Lawson

Mild mannered Assistant Professor of Communication by day; geek culture maven, gamer, medieval re-enactor, fanfic author and sci-fi/fantasy freak by night. Who needs sleep, right?! She has an enduring obsession with Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', as well as being crazy for 'Firefly', 'Eureka' and the Goblin King. In addition to raising GeekGurl2.0, she has a loving (and infinitely tolerant) hubby who patiently listens to random rantings about the need for 'more fangy vampires' and the fact that 'only the Goblin King should sparkle'. When not torturing students (or her hubby) she can be found blogging at

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