Attack of the Show and X-Play Are Back



It’s time to dust off your Golden Mullet Awards, everybody, because my childhood is coming back! That’s right, G4 confirmed that Attack of the Show and X-Play are back!

If you grew up as a gamer in the early 2000s then you know G4 for such classics as AOTS and X-Play. Or maybe you know it for some of its other classics, like Cops or Ninja Warrior. American Ninja Warrior will never be as good as the original.

For those who kept up with G4 back in the day, you remember the lovable cast of hooligans like Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereira, Blair Herter, and many more. These were my first gaming friends. A little sad, I know, but every day after school I’d turn on G4 to hang out.

When G4 ultimately went off the air, many were left without an outlet for gaming. The cast of hooligans all went their separate ways. They went to work in film and television. Continued over to Twitch. Began to work on the medium they spent years talking about. Then, like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, when the world needed them, when I needed them, they assembled.

Return of G4

This past summer during the digital Comic-Con, G4 went live on their Twitter account for their first time in years to drop a video. Full of Easter eggs and nods to the past, it left us with a single message: “We Never Stopped Playing”.

Not going to lie, this video gives me chills every time.

Then, one by one, our heroes took to Twitter, giving more insight. More speculation. More hope. Other than the announcement and cryptic tweets between the old crew, not much was known. There wasn’t a date to look forward to. No news of which shows might come back. We were left wanting more.

A G4 Family Thanksgiving 

The internet waited and waited till we got the most Attack of the Show skit if I ever did see one. And I’ve seen a lot of them. The crew came together for A Very Special G4 Holiday Reunion Special. 

For the first time in years, we got to see our duo of dynamic duos in Olivia and Kevin and Morgan and Adam. And our unctuous uno, Blair. Back together like the good ol’ days. 

This reunion was more than a look back at the past. It was a view of the future. An introduction to the newest member of the G4 family, Xavier Woods


The G4 Legends Return

With old friends and new friends, all was looking up. Again we waited. Each day passed with little to no news on when we could expect the G4 relaunch and which shows would be a part of the programming. That was until just yesterday. G4 asked fans what shows they’d like to see before dropping this video confirming the return of Attack of the Show and X-Play for Summer 2021.

Now we have some answers and even more questions. Will the original crew be back hosting the shows from the past, or will Xavier Woods and others pick up the mantle? What shows are coming that we haven’t even heard about yet? Who do you hope to see on a G4 show? How many wedgies do you give this news? Let me know, and remember: Never Stop Playing!


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