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Galactic Stelars: Threat of Invasion

From JC McMillan—


While superheroes have long been a staple of young adult literature, the powers they possess undoubtedly skew youngsters’ perceptions of what it takes to truly be great. As author JC McMillan proves in his powerful and potentially life-saving new sci-fi adventure, all it takes is humanity itself.

‘Galactic Stelars: Threat of Invasion’ is a profound and bold reminder that friendship, love and tenacity are the most powerful tools in the universe. This vitally-important lesson is imparted through a fast-paced intergalactic adventure that will leave any child empowered and chomping at the bit to change the world.


This is one caravanning holiday a group of friends will never forget. From the peaceful escapism of a lovely lakeside retreat, these unlikely heroes become embroiled in a fight, not just to save themselves, but the entire planet. A series of strange occurrences on Earth eventually sound the alarm bells as army of unmerciful creatures plot their invasion. With our heroes already captured and locked away at the edge of the galaxy, can anyone save Earth? This is good versus evil. And with all of humanity at stake, there can only be one winner. Galactic Stelars is a gripping, life-changing adventure that brings out the best in a bunch of mates as they battle to save everything they have ever known.

“This is so much more than a story,” explains the author. “Firstly, I want to showcase the true and boundless value of friendship. Our heroes’ personalities are all different and sometimes collide, but they all accept their differences and ultimately thrive as a collective group. Youngsters today should never underestimate or undervalue friendships; a message the narrative drives home hard.”

Continuing, “I also want children to understand that you don’t have to be a superhero to be great; that every person has magical powers in their own personality and talents that can change the world and humanity for the better. It’s certainly a life-changing message.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, Juliana comments, “I don’t normally write reviews but really wanted to thank the author for the excellent read. A modern tale of adventure of five friends who accidently travel to outer space. The story is filled with suspense & unpredictably – a real page turner.”

Another reader adds, “My daughter and I love this authors writing style because the books holds your attention the whole way through not letting your attention waver in case you miss a clue 🙂 It is totally recommended.”


‘Galactic Stelars: Threat of Invasion’ is available now:


About the author, in his own words:

I live, along with my wife and daughter, in a small town about an hour from London by train. I work at a School in the Catering area, my wife works at supermarket and my daughter goes to the primary school.

Really don´t know whether the fact that at work I am in touch with youngsters and, most importantly for me and due to my work schedule, I am able to spend quite a lot of time with my daughter, ten years old now, made me pay a lot of attention to the way children think and act along their day by day life.  I really enjoy playing with her, talking and listening to her and, of course in my small homely world, this has opened my mind towards the huge universe of children´s behavior.

I wish to transmit to her all the knowledge within my reach, all the advice I could think of but it would certainly be boring and probably useless if I can´t, somehow, arouse her curiosity and attention.

The way I found to do this is by writing stories for my little girl, wishing they can teach her something useful for her day to day life.

I certainly wish these stories will be entertaining and useful for all my young readers, as well.



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