Galaxy Quest Series to Soar onto Amazon

According to, the cult classic movie Galaxy Quest may receive a TV Series. Amazon Studios has reportedly signed on to create a television series of said film. The project had been highly promoted by the producer of the original film, Paramount. Co-writer of Galaxy Quest Robert Gordon, director Dean Parisot, and executive producers Melissa Bernstein and Mark Johnson are all going to be part of the project. However, that’s all we really know about the upcoming television series. We don’t know if the original stars (Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, and Tim Allen) are going to star, or even appear, in the project. We don’t really know what the project is going to be about, just that it’s set in Galaxy Quest‘s world, not whether the cast will be in space or on the set.

Galaxy Quest poster

The new Galaxy Quest series seems to be following a trend. Several old projects have been taken off the shelf, dusted, and polished for a brand new audience. Minority ReportLimitless, and Rush Hour are all recent extensions of this principle (though none of these have been officially released yet). Every single one of those are all television shows being broadcast this season. I hate to sound like a bored baby boomer, but when will Hollywood come up with original ideas? For bonus points, when will they come up with original ideas that don’t predominantly star white dudes? I have nothing against Galaxy Quest itself, and I think that this extension of the franchise will likely be one of the better recent extensions, but would a little more diversity kill anyone? I know that Hollywood can do better, and I hope that they try harder.

The Galaxy Quest television series is not a sure thing, and it’s unlikely that we will get much more news soon, but we will report it when it comes up.

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