Game of Thrones Prequel Characters Casting


New Game of Thrones Prequel Currently Casting A Pair of Twins and Early Wildling


Information about Jane Goldman’s Game of Thrones prequel series has come in bits and pieces. So far, we only know it is set thousands of years before Game of Thrones and Naomi Watts is set to star. Now, we know sort of what we might see in the series.

Casting Calls

There are not a lot of details about the characters in the upcoming series. It is set to begin filming in a few months so naturally, they are putting the cast together.

First, they are looking for a pair of twins in their twenties, specifically between the ages 23 and 29, to actually play twin women. Often, twins are cast as children, and the pair plays the same character in order to film without violating labor laws. It seems though, that these two will be playing a set of twins on screen and will be adults. Whether or not their relationship will mirror Jaime and Cersei’s is…unknown. Let’s hope it’s strictly sibling.

The other character is an elderly man. They are looking for a genuine German, East European, or Scandinavian actor in his seventies. Normally, actors from this area are cast as Wildlings. In Westeros time, this series takes place before the Wall was even erected. Speculation in the fandom says that this could be “proto-wildling” or one of the First Men trapped behind the Wall after it goes up.

Game of Thrones Season 7 CR: Helen Sloan/HBO

It Is Unknown

There is still a lot we do not know about these characters and the roles they will play. We do not know if they are recurring or starring roles or even their character names. HBO is still limiting information on this series and hopefully, we will know more as they officially announce cast members.

Plot-wise there is still speculation as well. Supposedly it could cover what we know as the Long Night, pre-Wall and the origin of the White Walkers.


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