Game of Thrones Season 8 Will Premiere in April 2019

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Final Season of Game of Thrones Will Air in April 2019


The news Game of Thrones fans have anxiously awaited has come at last. HBO announced on Twitter the eighth and final season of the hit fantasy series will premiere in April 2019. No exact date yet, but we take what we can get.

The Tweet

The announcement came through a tweet which read: “Every battle. Every betrayal. Every risk. Every fight. Every sacrifice. Every death. All #ForTheThrone”


Accompanying this was a trailer-like video that cut between these phrases and showed a recap of everything that has happened in the show so far. So, the best examples of all of those things. The point seemed to mostly encourage people to go back and watch the series again via HBO Go and HBO Now. Although, it also placed clips and audio to imply that perhaps the main focus will be on the battle in the North with the White Walkers. To be clear, they showed no new footage in this teaser.

April seems like a good time for the show. The first six season all aired in April or late March. Season seven was the only outlier, airing in mid-July 2017.

Not Quite Done

Even though Game of Thrones will come to an end this April, HBO is not finished with this franchise. HBO has also announced a prequel series, taking place thousands of years before Game of Thrones, which is now in the process of casting its ensemble. Naomi Watts is the most notable casting choice so far, and we will have to wait and see who else will continue to show us the world of Westeros. We know that the prequel will be in production while the final season of Game of Thrones is on the air.

The prequel will apparently contain more in-depth history of Westeros. It is meant to show how the Seven Kingdoms got to the place they were at the beginning of Thrones, but will apparently feel different from what we know. Either way, we’re super excited to see what’s out there!

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