Game Review – Concursion

In a world where saving the princess is a diabolical side-scroller, Concursion does something that other games don’t.  concursion 1What is it that it does?  It provides a unique, fast-paced environment that changes constantly.  Concursion combines multiple styles of games that every game player has come across at some point in their wild journey.  Producer Mastertronic hit the nail on the head with an investment into a developer with this kind of creative thinking.  Developer Puuba has a solid team that reached out for my childhood, took it by the hand, and sent it on a roller coaster of pure joy.

The premise for Concursion is very simple.  Your princess has been kidnapped and now you must save her from the evil hands of Dark Lord Biganbad.  To stop his plans and save the day, you must journey between realities to obtain crystals that will of course seal the rifts.  The elements of action, level design, and overall creative difficulty left me with a sense of euphoria I have not experienced for a long while.  Concursion lives up to everything it promises to deliver and then it still feels like more gets dropped in front of you.  You won’t save the day as any one type of hero, but rather use the combined powers of different hero types to get there.

Concursion 2Just as Concursion advertises, it’s a “multi-genre” game.  What is that?  It means there are combined elements of platforming, shooter, puzzle, maze, etc.  It’s a very extensive list and all of these features are thrown in your face in an instant.  There may be a rift that will make you a space-man to get an extra boost in your jump to a platform.  Other times the player may have to solve a maze; after the maze you are then taken into a space shooter.  The best part is that these don’t get really muddled up.  The developer has done a phenomenal job of making sure that there is a rhyme and reason for each genre of game you may utilize in a level.

The level design is constantly refreshing and the soundtrack makes sure of that.  The music adds a great ambiance to each of the levels.  It doesn’t take long to get through a stage on Concursion.  Most of the time it only takes a few short minutes, this allows the player to explore a menagerie of different level designs quickly without realizing time in the real world.  It quickly sucks you in and before you know it, you haven’t done your laundry by the end of the day.  Puuba has also created a world in which you will challenge yourself.  Each level has a time to beat by default, but you can constantly challenge yourself to not only beat your own time, but the times of other players.Concursion 3

If you can’t tell, I was really happy with the game.  The simplicity and refreshing game play was a great step outside of all of the mainstream.  It would be a lot of work to download an emulator or hook up an old system.  Not to mention, then you have to play each individual game to get the same experience.  Save yourself some time and stress; get Concursion and experience your childhood again on Steam.  Invite it inside your home for a warm cup of tea, fight some ninja’s, and finish by jetpacking into a space war.  Don’t take my word for it, just go experience the awesome!

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Roman On The Rocks

Roman has played and voraciously followed the video game industry his whole life. He enjoys all types of games and always tries to be honest when giving his opinions on them. Always a nerd at heart, Roman also enjoys comics, tech, and historical anachronism. You can always follow Romans personal blog at

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