Game Review: SanctuaryRPG

After appealing to game developers through the medium of twitter, a company responded. Black Shell Games got in touch with me about their own online game SanctuaryRPG. This is a strategic turn-based game that is done in the retro ASCII-art style. The studio have said that they get inspirations from Roguelikes and Japanese RPGS. It’s truly an amusing game. You can choose one of several classes: Barbarian, Paladin, Assassin, Wizard, Druid, and Ranger. I went for Assassin. You can also decide on origin and race.

Trust in the power of your sharpened potato.

The dialogue within this game is quite amusing. It certainly made me chuckle, especially since I had become an assassin that can grow a Manly Beard of Manliness. My male friends will all be jealous of such a feat. They would not be surprised that I went to a local pub. I am not sure how they would feel about me slapping a random woman.




There are quests, events, crafting and battling random monsters in grassy fields. In one event I came across a flaming head that had several choices, including just to walk away. Other events where I thought I chose the right answer got me poisoned. Luckily, on the classic mode I can heal outside of battle. That’s right, there is more than one mode. In classic, death is permanent­­. There is also softcore, death is just a setback, and survival is how many battles can you win.This is a game that can give hundredx of hours of gameplay with over 160 class and race combinations. Not only that you can pick up or craft over 1,400 different weapons and armour.




This is game is entirely free and certainly worth getting. You get the retro style design but the 8-bit soundtrack certainly adds to the feel of it.

Rating: 8 out of 10

I certainly hope that they do more games in this style.

About the author

Susie Cumberland

Susie is from the dark side of Nottingham and is a Research Data Analyst. She spends her free time watching movies, killing things in games, and pretending to work. Also, Susie has her own science based craft business called Astrodoodles. She is a keen doodler of space things. She can be found floating around on twitter @susiecumberland

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