‘Game of Thrones’ Breaks Emmys History

With the 68th Emmy Awards now behind us, we have a new champion and its name is Game of Thrones. After winning a handful of “Creative Art” awards last week, the show won three big categories last night- Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing (both of which for the episode Battle of the Bastards), and the big one, Outstanding Drama Series. Not only did the program win its second consecutive Outstanding Drama award, but Game of Thrones has won the most Emmys of any primetime television show ever.

Though only being on the air for six seasons, the HBO epic has garnered a staggering 38 Emmy wins. This surpasses previous Emmy record holders like The West Wing and Fraiser. Right now the show holds the record for most Emmys won by a “primetime TV program,” the only thing standing in its way of the ultimate “most Emmys ever” is Saturday Night Live (which currently has 45). With two more season left for Game of Thrones, that number shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Game of Thrones Ep58 - No OneThe biggest reason for this shows dominance, besides the fact that it really is that good, is that its wide-ranging scope earns it so many technical awards. Though they don’t air on the big Sunday program, Game of Thrones picked up awards for Stunt Coordination, Visual Effects, Sound Mixing, Production Design, Make-Up, and some ore as well. This is why it is all but a guarantee that Season 7 of the show will push it over the top to win the most Emmys ever.

A Delay In More Emmys Glory

Unfortunately for Emmy predictors and fans of the show alike, we will not be seeing Jon Snow or Daenerys (or showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Beniof) at next year’s awards. The reason? Winter has officially come. Due to the show’s Winter-based production delays, the show will not air at its regular Spring debut, Season 7 will not be eligible for the 69th Emmy awards. This will make next year’s Emmys a little more interesting (since Game of Thrones won’t be there to dominate), but it is sad we will have to wait a year to see the fan favorite honored again.

All in all, it is quite amazing that the top honor for two years in a row is one of the geekiest shows on television. Though I would like to see Daredevil or Jessica Jones honored at the Emmys (big hopes for Luke Cage as well), it is always rewarding to see a fantasy epic take the top prize at some as high profile as the Emmys. Yes, the Oscars gave Best Picture to Return of the King, but that was really an outlier of a film. Something like Game of Thrones, which has been nominated for Outstanding Drama Series every year in it’s existence, is truly special for fans of geek material. Now with last night’s ceremony in the books, the George R.R. Martin has officially made history.

What do you guys think? Are you excited that Game of Thrones is breaking Emmy history? What other sci-fi/fantasy shows do you think should be honored at the Emmys? Sound off in the comments below!

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