Game of Thrones Casting: Dean S. Jagger as Smalljon Umber

Dean Jagger
Dean S. Jagger

In true Game of Thrones fashion, we’ve learned about another potentially season changing casting just as the filming on season 6 begins to wrap. According to a post from fan, she met Tormund Giantsbane and Smalljon Umber at a Game of Thrones cast party in Belfast. It took fans some time, but the actor in the photo was eventually identified as Dean S. Jagger, the English writer, actor, and producer.

We’ve known since this seasons casting announcements that the Umbers might be returning, but it’s nice to finally have evidence to support that.

The Umber’s were some of Robb Stark’s most fervent supporters, though the Greatjon starts by challenging Rob’s authority to ensure he is giving a proper place in the coming battles. However, once he proves himself, the Greatjon becomes Robb’s greatest champion. In the books, both the father and son of house Umber are slain at the red wedding, though it takes 8 men to subdue the Greatjon, despite his extreme intoxication.

In the show, however, the Greatjon is sent into the Riverlands with northern forces and never appears on the show again. He is one of the only remaining banner men of House Stark that has not been killed or imprisoned. We are left to assume, since Smalljon was not introduced before this season, that he has either been at Last Hearth or in his father’s troops, leading to him surviving the Red Wedding along with the Greatjon.

There’s no real evidence pointing to what may have happened to the Greatjon since season 2, but it seems his son is about to seize control in his father’s absence. The casting announcements for season 6 all suggest that Smalljon is now the Lord of Last Hearth, since the possible matching casting description describes a large lord who is angry (potentially bitter) and can be violent. If some horrible fate befell the Greatjon, Smalljon Umber will probably be looking for revenge against the men responsible, which will be convenient if a certain bastard son finds his way to Last Hearth before his triumphant return to Winterfell.


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