Game of Thrones season 6 welcomes House Tarly

Game of Thrones is having a very busy newsweek or well weeks. It seems that every time you blink there’s a new announcement of a new cast member or two. It can be either new characters being portrayed (Pilou Asbæk cast as Euron Greyjoy) or it’s news about a fan favorite and his mysterious fate (Kit Harrington saying we haven’t seen the last of him). It’s easy to say that season six of the HBO fantasy series will be giving a new definition to the words jam-packed.

James Faulkner
James Faulkner

This time, it’s news of the rest of the Tarly family. Variety reports that we got the rest of the Tarly family cast now. It had previously been reported that UnREAL’s Freddie Stroma was cast as Dickon Tarly, Sam’s younger brother and heir to Horn Hill. Joining him will be From Hell’s Samantha Spiro as Melessa Florent, Sam’s mother, Rebecca Benson as Sam’s sister Talla Tarly and Downtown Abbey alum James Faulkner will be Randyll Tarly, Sam’s father (you know the one that threatened to kill him if he didn’t join the Night’s Watch).

There’s not much known about House Tarly. We know they’re a noble house of The Reach (which means they are sworn to House Tyrell), their sigil is the striding huntsman on green and their words supposedly are “First in Battle” (it’s not in the books or in the show but rather confirmed by a semi-canon source).

Other than Samwell Tarly, the character we know the most about is Randyll Tarly. The wikia describes him, “Randyll is a lean and balding man with a short, bristly grey beard He is a narrow man but iron willed, shrewd and capable. He is considered one of the finest battle commanders in Westeros.” His abilities as a battle commander are proven by the sheer fact that during Robert’s Rebelliion he was the only one that managed to defeat Robert Baratheon’s forces during the Battle of Ashford.

I’m sure the Tarlys addition to the show will prove to be very intriguing or at the very least, very interesting to watch.


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