Game of Thrones Season 7 Preview Photos Released

Game of Thrones Season 7 Preview Photos 

After the stunning but utterly uninformative trailer released by HBO, Game of Thrones fans have been hungry for a real update. The publication of these 15 photos should serve to wet the pallet of fans until a longer trailer emerges. And yet, as usual, they raise more speculation than they resolve.

The South

The only photo of team Lannister is exactly that. Cersei sits upon the Iron Throne while Jaime stands at her side. This would lead fans to believe that the twins are working together again, or at least that Jaime is once again serving as his sister’s pawn. Fans can’t be sure if that means he’s on board with Cersei’s plans, but after the look he gave her as she took the throne, he has to have at least some doubts.


The other photo from the south shows Samwell and Gilly, pouring over texts. It would be safe to assume that the texts are from the Citadel where Sam is currently studying to be a Maester. There’s not much else to gather from this picture, but at least they are still together.


Sandor Cleagane is on the move, and though it’s officially winter in Westerors, and he doesn’t look too pleased about all the snow. The frozen landscape could mean he’s headed north, but there isn’t really much there for him, except maybe an army that will take him in. He could also be headed for Kings Landing, but it seems unlikely he’ll get a warm welcome if he arrives there. It would be nice to see him take down his monstrous brother though.


The North

Jon Snow is looking rather Lordly back in Stark attire, though perhaps not appearing like the King in the North he is. It’s just nice to see him not completely swathed in black anymore. As usual, he looks troubled about just about everything but fans already know he’s facing more than the usual amount of problems; although this is Jon Snow, so one might think he would be used to it by now.


If anyone in the North looks regal, it’s Sansa Stark. She’s dressed in furs and wool again, but she still manages to look more of a leader than her “brother”. She’s seen with Little Finger, who seems a little too comfortable as he looks down at the men in the yard. Sansa, however, is not amused. Fans can only hope that it’s because she’s tired of him whispering in her ear and moving her around the board.


Davos looks much more comfortable serving under Jon Snow than he ever did under Stannis (as much as he may have loved his “King”). He also seems to be sitting at Jon’s right hand, which would make him advisor to the King in the North. The position would suit him, as he has given good advice to Jon up to this point and knows more about the armies in the south than Jon or Sansa do.


Fan favorite Lady Lyanna Mormont looks commanding as ever, despite her small stature, and ready to lend her aid to the Starks, come hell or high water. She appears to be addressing Jon, or whoever is currently sitting at the Lord’s table, but behind her Littlefinger seems to be shooting looks at someone as if to undermine her words. Probably at Sansa, usually seated at Jon’s left hand.


The look on Tormund’s face as he addresses Brienne says he hasn’t given up on the woman, but, as her face cannot be seen, we can’t be sure just what manner of disapproving stare she’s giving him. It’s nice to see Brienne back in the north after her trek to Riverrun, and back at Sansa’s side, serving where she can do the most good. Most fans will probably just be glad to see Tormund at all.


Arya’s reappearance in Westeros was met excitement and approval by fans when she murdered the man who killed her mother and brother, so they all have high hopes for her in season 7. She’s shown here in a tavern or hall of some sort, but judging by her clothes she has yet to make it home to Winterfell. Hopefully she will cross a few more names off her list on her way, but mostly fans probably just want to see her and Jon back together again.


Lastly for the pictures from the North there is Bran and Meera, still trudging through the snow together. It’s important that Bran move quickly and reach Winterfell before winter becomes too harsh and the White Walkers breach the wall. He has much to tell the others, and he has little chance of surviving on his own, even with Meera at his side. They’ve come very far, but something ahead of them seems daunting and Meera looks about ready to give up hope.


The Mother of Dragons

Daenerys has landed in Westeros, though HBO made that clear with their promo released earlier this month, as they showed her seating herself upon a stone throne. She seems to be making her landing on Dragonstone, the place of her birth and conceivably the only place in Westeros she has ever been. Her entire crew stands behind her as she seems to survey her newest stronghold. She seems pleased but no one else looks certain about it. The second photo of Dany shows her in the throne room, the dragon brooch fastened to her clothes, but still no crown on her head. She looks to be listening to someone as the address her, and perhaps she is gathering allies already. She appears very sure of her position and her actions, which is incredibly reassuring.


Tyrion’s photo is nothing more than another angle of him at the landing. He looks understandably concerned but at the same time like he is ready to take on this latest challenge; defeating his sister. Being the hand of the queen looks good on him and he’ll serve her well. You can see Messandei and the Unsullied troops standing behind him.


Messandei looks fierce in her all black outfit, and she has a mark from Dany pinned to her cloak: a dragon brooch in the style of the Ouroboros, the snake devouring its own tail, but this one is three dragons instead of one snake. It’s an interesting choice, as the Ouroboros is a symbol of eternity in some cultures, as if to say the return of the Targaryen reign will be eternal. It will be interesting to see how the young woman deals with being so far from her place of birth.


Varys has returned to Westeros and he looks stern in his photo, sporting a thickly woven cloak and fur. He is going to be invaluable to Dany in the conquest of the continent, with his ability to gather secrets and operate in the shadows. Who knows if his little bird in Kings Landing will return to his employ or if he will have to find new ones? He will, most definitely, gather every secret he possibly can to strengthen their position.

The collection of photos isn’t much, but it’s still great to see some updates on the coming season. Here’s hoping for a few more previews before the premier on July 17th, 2017.


Images via HBO.

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