Game Worth Highlighting: Coming Out Simulator 2014

When it comes to the internet, we all sometimes stumble across some pretty random, but awesome things. In the past few days, I have come across a game that breaks my heart. It’s called Coming Out Simulator 2014. It’s based on Nicky’s experience with opening up to his parents about his sexuality, and in the game, you make the choices for him. Do you lie? Tell half-truths? Or tell the truth? Unfortunately, like for so many people in the LGBT Community, the outcome of this is not a good one.

It’s a very basic and easy to play game. The design of the game is simple, and what happens is up to you. He can either change schools  (apparently it’s the school and his boyfriend who are bad influences), run away, or end up getting punched in the face. Not the best outcomes, and certainly no real happy endings here.

Coming Out Simulator 2



Games like this are important. Not just for those of the LGBT Community, but also for people like myself, who are straight but have friends who are LGBT. I will never have to go through the hardship of wondering whether people will accept me for my sexuality, but this game certainly made me realise exactly how brave these people are. Such courage  in a time when gay rights are a debate is inspiring. This game made me get in touch with my friends to let them know how much I love them.

I think everyone should play this game, no matter what his or her beliefs, thoughts or opinions are on LGBT community. This game will make you realise how tough it can be for people. If you know someone who is still in the “closet” it might not be best to push them to do something when they aren’t ready. I think there should be more games like this that allow you to face the difficult decisions someone else with a different lifestyle would have to deal with. Following up from this article will be an interview piece with the creator Nicky Case himself.


Coming Out Simulator 1

If you are member of LGBT community and need support here are some places you can go:


LGBT helpline

LGBT Centers


Safe Network

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation

About the author

Susie Cumberland

Susie is from the dark side of Nottingham and is a Research Data Analyst. She spends her free time watching movies, killing things in games, and pretending to work. Also, Susie has her own science based craft business called Astrodoodles. She is a keen doodler of space things. She can be found floating around on twitter @susiecumberland

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