Gamification In Online Casinos


The casino industry has endured many changes and keeps on evolving as we speak. In the last decade, online casinos have incorporated many innovative technologies, features and payment methods into their gaming offerings. First, games became instant, then they become mobile and currently they are live streamed. But what was the essential thing that has changed and only a few noticed it? The gamification process in online casino games. 

What is gamification? Gamification is when the casino games meet video games. It is the product of what you get when you combine these two. And where can you notice notification the most? In video slots, of course.

Today, almost all newly released slots have a video game feature or characteristic. For example, imagine a slot game where while you’re spinning the reels, there’s a whole storyline that triggers new levels and adds something new to the story. In order to grasp all of the changes, we’ll explain at what levels and how online casinos integrated gamification.

Loyalty Points and Leaderboards

Gamification In Online CasinosEveryone wants to compete – it is in our human nature. That is why in order to keep players coming back at their sites, online casino sites have given them the opportunity to collect loyalty points in order to receive VIP treatment. The VIP schemes at online casinos are very generous and really keep the players’ attention.

Moreover, these points do not only give you VIP treatment, but also make you eligible for hitting great jackpots. Players on the leaderboards compete in order to become potential winners of a specific prize.


To make things even more interesting, most casinos now give you the opportunity to create your own avatar that will represent you on the site. This is basically gamification at its peak, as this alter ego provides you with a deeper gaming experience and makes you feel a connection between the game and the character in the long run. 

Side Games, Quests, and Missions

In addition to your avatar creation, your avatar needs to conquer something, go on a quest and unlock missions and levels in order to progress. This provides an additional thrill, and while you’re playing an online casino game, you feel alive and challenged and the fun is much bigger. What do casinos get out of that? They keep you engaged, and consequently, you stay on their site longer.

Add unlockable content to all that and you have a winner. Players are super excited when they see that a new challenge is in front of them that will unlock a new level, a new side game or simply a new reward. This feature is especially important for millennials, and appeals to them the most, as the unlockable contents are demanding, daring and provide an adrenaline boost. And when you think about it, millennials are the majority of players in online casinos, so drawing their attention and hopefully keeping it is a task that is not easy to achieve. But gamification has certainly given a positive result for both players and operators.

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