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Geek Chic: Princess Leia

Love casual closet cosplay? Check out what our crack team of cosplayers has put together this week for you, our fashion forward fans!


leia - hoth realness - janel
Janel: Hoth Realness

Want to see the sites of Hoth? Dont let that bland blank snow get you down – melt the chill with this hot look!


leia - slave - alexis
Shatter: Slave Realness

Tattooine heat is no match for this scorching ensemble – choke the life out of haters with this fierce outfit.


leia - new comic - rachel
Rachel: Comic Realness

Classic lines and iconic colors – a new rendition of a cult favorite. Instantly identifiable as our favorite bunned space princess.

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About the author


Alexis is the lead fabricator and designer for Shattered Stitch Cosplay, based out of Tennessee. She has been in the cosplay community over 10 years and is a familiar face at cons large and small all across the Southeast US.

Alexis is a consummate nerd with her genres of expertise and interest being concentrated in Marvel comics and World of Warcraft. Also on her interest list is Top Cow, Aspen, DarkHorse, and DC, as well as most all videogames with her personal concentration being PC gaming (Master Race).

Her costumes span everything from comics and fantasy books to live action, including: Final Fantasy, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Studio Ghibli, and Conan.

If you'd like to nerd cred check, step right up and give it a swing. You'll receive your consolation prize as you exit stage left.


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