Review – Moon Knight #194 (Marvel Comics)

Origin in Moon Knight #194

We delve into the “origin” of Marc Spector’s dissociative identity disorder in Moon Night #194. Marc explains his mental illness to his “newly” found daughter and its tragic origin to his longtime friend Frenchie. It is an origin story never told of the man they call Moon Knight. Something terrible happened in Marc Spector’s past that continues to affect his life.


Max Bemis continues to bring Marc Spector in new directions after wrapping up his first story arc on the character in Moon Knight #193. In Moon Knight #194 Bemis brings light to Marc’s past and the “origin” of his dissociative identity disorder. I was not really sure what I was getting into with Moon Knight #194. As a long time Moon Knight fan I was a little wary of what Bemis was going to do with his past. I was not really sure if this was something I wanted or needed? So, I was not super excited about this issue. Well, to my surprise I liked what Bemis delivered in Moon Knight #194.

Moon Knight #194 (CA) Becky Cloonan
Moon Knight #194 (CA) Becky Cloonan

The events that led to Marc developing this disorder is very shocking and having some insight into his past was nice. I liked learning about his father and their relationship and the moment that “jump-started” his mental illness is a truly shocking development. The thing that I liked best about this issue was shocking to me.  I was intrigued with Marc explaining his disorder to his daughter who obviously has a lot of questions. Moon Knight #194 has some sweet moments between father and daughter that were nice and not a place I thought I would ever see Moon Knight but Bemis makes it fit well.


Ty Templeton takes over art duties from Jacen Burrows and Guillermo Ortego in Moon Knight #194. While not as detailed or intense as Burrows pencils and not as heavy as Ortego’s inks, Templeton has a similar type style that is not too different from the original artists. Templeton has a nice medium, the characters have some good detail and he does well on their facial expressions. I do have some minor complaints though. A lot of the images feel very static and the whole comic feels a little motionless. Some of the smaller panels do feel a little “blurry” also. Where Templeton excels at is the structure and layout of Moon Knight #194. He has some very unique and interesting layouts in this issue that are very creative.

Keiren Smith takes over on colors for Mat Lopes and Smith does some good work. There is a great scene in Moon Knight #194 with a candle being lit in a dark room that Keiren does some fantastic work on. The way the candle illuminates characters faces and cast shadows about the room are great.


Overall Moon Knight #194 was a pretty solid issue. There are things I liked and disliked about it. I am not crazy about having to continually deal with Marc’s mental illness with every issue, but it is also nice to know what it stems from. I really enjoyed the moments of Marc being a father.  It’s an interesting direction to take for the character. The art is solid.  Templeton has some good layouts and Smith does good work on colors. The art is good but it also does not stand out in this issue either. All in all a good issue.  Nothing great but it does reveal some interesting points for the character of Moon Knight.

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