Review – Go Go Power Rangers #9 (BOOM! Studios)

The Ranger Slayer Arrives in Go Go Power Rangers #9

The Power Rangers had one of their toughest fights yet in their short careers, as the battled a Morphing Putty Patroller that took over the identity of their friend Matt. While the Putty masqueraded as their friend the true Matt was captured by Rita on her moon base! Narrowly escaping and making it back to Earth, Matt made it just in time to warn his friends and the battle between the Rangers and the Putty was on. It also subsequently ruined the Homecoming Dance.  Total bummer! Well, in Go Go Power Rangers #9 the teenagers with attitudes are left to pick up the pieces once again. Matt is traumatized and not talking.  The real world keeps on hassling our heroes as home life gets rough for some of them. Plus, did I forget to mention something about The Ranger Slayer and “Shattered Grid” playing a big part in this issue?

Look, I am going to go ahead and get this out of the way. I do not care about the whole “Shattered Grid” event going on. Yes, it is selling like gangbusters but it is not my bag. I only care about these 5 Power Rangers and to a lesser extent Tommy (who luckily hasn’t shown up yet). Don’t kill me, I know the blasphemy of not liking the Green/White Ranger…here take my 90’s kid card. I never got into any other Power Rangers series either, so “Shattered Grid” has no interest for me. That is not saying it is good or bad, I just have no interest.


So, let us get to Go Go Power Rangers #9. Obviously, I was a little bit worried about this tying in with “Shattered Grid”. I love this simple story and dealing with these Rangers more day to day lives. Ryan Parrott had stated previously that even though Go Go Power Rangers would tie in with the event series, it would not affect the overall tone and ongoing story of this series. Well, I can happily say Parrott stayed true to his words. Go Go Power Rangers has a lot of “Shattered Grid” things in it and it can be a little confusing if you are not reading Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I dropped off after shortly after Lord Daken appeared so I have a vague idea of what is happening. 

Go Go Power Rangers #9(CA) Miguel Mercado (A/CA) Dan Mora

Outside of what is happening in “Shattered Grid”, this is a very hard hitting emotional issue.  Parrott digs into the home lives of some of the Power Rangers and some hard-hitting things are going on. Parrott also starts to deal with Matt and his PTSD type symptoms after he escaped. Getting kidnapped by monsters and imprisoned on the moon is not something you just get over! Parrott continues to give each character building moments even in an issue that is a tie-in into an event. Parrott also successfully pushed along that event storyline as well.  It is some impressive writing.


Not to keep bringing it up but I was not excited about this tying into “Shattered Grid”. Well, that was until I realized Dan Mora was going to get to draw some of these great new designs from the alternate Universe! That fact got me very excited to crack Go Go Power Rangers #9 open. Mora does a wonderful job on the Alt Universe Black Ranger “soldier” uniform and The Ranger Slayers costume! He nails the spectacular design aspects of these costumes.  His tight inking and the way he catches small details make the costumes pop off the pages. Mora also continues to do some fantastic character work.  His cartooning on the characters faces and body language continues to impress.

Raúl Angulo coloring work is phenomenal as well. He does such a great job of catching the tone and feel of this series. It is dark and light in all of the right places. He matches the tone and feel of each scene with some great coloring work. I won’t spoil anything but the final page of Rita’s staff lighting up a darkened place revealing some “spoiler things” is a great piece of work by Angulo and Mora.


If you are worried about Shattered Grid “messing up” the ongoing story in Go Go Power Rangers #9 do not fret. This is another excellent issue of this series. Yes it does tie-in and it pushes that event along but Parrott does not let that take away from the focus of this ongoing story and what Go Go Power Rangers is all about. Plus, I cannot complain about Dan Mora and Raúl Angulo getting to take a crack at these amazing designs!

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