Review- Moonshine #10 (Image Comics)

Forever Young in Moonshine #10

Moonshine #10 finds our cast of characters in varying different predicaments. Lou Pirlo has shocked the prison yard after coming back to life after being bitten by a cottonmouth snake. Now he seems to have gone a bit off his rocker. Back in the mountains, Temptest thought she had the upper hand on the new leader of New York City Gangster (the old man in the red glasses).  However, the standoff did not go as planned. It seems Hiram Holt, father of the clan, was not dead but alive and being held hostage. With one shot from the old man’s right-hand man (the mustache guy with the cross), a silver bullet took Enos’s life. Now with their father being held hostage and one of them dead, the Holt family is out for revenge.  And back in the Louisiana prison, the moon starts to rise on Lou Pirlo.


Brian Azzarello has picked up the pace in Moonshine #10. This past story arc has seemed to be moving a little slow and not going anywhere until now. With the developments in this issue and the last issue, the story is starting to come together. The motivations of the old man in the red glasses are becoming clearer (it seems he wants to be young more than he wants the Holt families famous moonshine). The conflict between The Holt family has built up more now that Hiram has been revealed alive and Enos’s is dead. Temptest failing to bargain with the old man should be a good story point going forward as she went behind her families back.

Moonshine #10 Cover Artist Zaffino
Moonshine #10 Cover Artist Zaffino

I also like that there is a little fear in the Holt family.  They know this man means business and he knows how to kill them. I do wish we would get a little more background on the old man’s right-hand man (the guy with the mustache and cross that sniped Enos). He is an interesting character that I would like to know more about.

Lou Pirlo’s arc in Moonshine #10 is finally coming to ahead.  We have been waiting for him to “wolf-out” since being imprisoned. It finally seems like it is going to happen. I am interested to see if Lou is somehow going to tie back into what is going on back up in the mountains. Right now it is two separate stories.  So it will be interesting if he ever comes back in contact with any of those other characters.


Eduardo Risso continues to do beautiful work in Moonshine #10. The first few pages are a flashback in Lou’s life and Risso does an incredible job. I continue to love how he switches up his style for the flashbacks. His lines are a little tighter and cleaner.  The characters are a little more detailed and lifelike than how he represents them in the present day story. The colors, with assistance from Cristian Rossi, are also fantastic in the flashback. The use of this almost “calming” blue coloration with the gray and black is phenomenal, it all looks great.

Risso continues to set up his panels nicely and pace the book well. He does a good job of structuring the series to draw the eye in certain ways to certain scenes. There is a great page in Moonshine #10 of Lou going “crazy” out in the work field of the prison. He is running with water to give to a person. Risso structures it superbly well with small panels around two bigger scenes on the page leading down to the bottom with Lou kneeled on the ground shadows across his face with his eyes glaring at you. It is a wonderful piece of sequential art.


Moonshine#10 is probably the best issue of this second story arc. Things are finally starting to happen and the story feels like it is coming together more. I like what Azzarello is doing.  I just wish it was paced a little bit better. Eduardo Risso continues to be wonderful with the art. Moonshine may have dipped a little bit in the past few issues but it looks like the full moon is about to rise again!

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