Review – Nightwing #43 (DC Comics)

Dick Grayson’s Day Off in Nightwing #43

All Dick Grayson wants to do is have a nice night off in Nightwing #43. The constant fighting, battling, and saving the world has the original Batman protégé run down. Nightwing is all set to relax when he gets simultaneous calls and texts from two of his best friends/”brothers” Robin Damian Wayne and Roy Harper AKA Arsenal. It seems Gotham City is in trouble and they need Nightwing’s help! The team up is on if Damian and Roy can get along.


Nightwing #43 is a pretty solid one-shot story by Michael Moreci. I like the framing around Nightwing wanting a day off and how he feels guilty about it because Batman would never think such a thing. It is a good piece of character building for Dick Grayson and an interesting story point. The banter between Damian Wayne and Roy Harper is a lot of fun and reminds me of the dynamic between Damian and Jonathan Kent in Super-Sons.  That series is a delight to read.

Nightwing #43 (CA) Yasmine Putri

The story in Nightwing #43 is a very “superhero” type story and fits well with this one-shot issue. It is nothing major and is mainly there to serve a reason for this group to get together, but it was still a fun simple story being told. I do feel the story needed a little more “meat” to it to really keep me invested. I liked what was going on, but then again I really didn’t care at the same time. The pacing did feel a little bit off as well.  I think some things could have been changed around to help the flow of the issue.


Minkyu Jung does some solid artwork in Nightwing #43. Jung does some good character work throughout this issue and has some good facial expressions throughout. Jung’s tight line work works well with Nightwing and his crew and the action flows nicely from panel to panel. Colors by Felipe Sobreiro are solid as well. The brighter color palette suits this story well and gives the art a little more “pop” to it. All in all the art is good in Nightwing #43. Again like the story, the art is good but nothing stands out either.

Roy Harpers “costume” continues to baffle me. I am not sure if glasses and a backward cap qualifies as a costume, but it is certainly not a good look. I know he has been wearing it for a long time now, but come on somebody could surely put something better on him!


Nightwing #43 is a one-shot superhero story that was fun to read. But, it being a one-shot is a good and a bad thing.  It is a lot of fun to read and the artwork is solid, but it is easily forgettable as well. Nothing really stands out after the issue is read and done with. I am a fan of one-shot stories and like having a one and done story being told in a single issue. Nightwing #43 delivered some thrills, but overall just lacked a truly gripping story being told.


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