George R.R. Martin Just Dropped New Info for the Game of Thrones Prequel

George R.R. Martin Just Told Us A Little Bit More About the Prequel Series

For all the fans out there waiting for news on the Game of Thrones Prequel, we finally have some for you! George R.R. Martin just dropped five facts for us to pick apart.

Here’s What We Already Know

Game of Thrones Prequel
George R.R. Martin

We already knew a decent amount about the impending prequel – though perhaps not the actual name. We know that the series is set sometime around 5,000 years before GoT. 5,000 years makes for a significant difference, even in the world of fantasy. Here we’ll likely see the rise of the Whitewalkers themselves, and then some. With all that in mind, let’s talk about the new details revealed.

The News

George R.R. Martin released all of these new facts during an interview with EW. And naturally, all us fans couldn’t help but pick it apart.

For starters, this isn’t the world we’re used to seeing. During the time of Game of Thrones, we got pretty used to seeing Seven Kingdoms. Though even during that series they referenced Kingdoms that had fallen. 5,000 years ago? There were 100 Kingdoms. And yes, you read that right. Talk about a complex political situation.

The next detail dropped makes complete sense; if you take the time to think about it. The Starks will be present, as will direwolves. The Starks are one of the oldest families out there, so it makes sense that we’d see them if we went back in time. Likewise, for the direwolves – the creatures shown in the family sigil.

Game of Thrones Prequel
Casterly Rock

Casterly Rock will also be making an appearance. This is one of the iconic locations in GoT, and is basically a landmark. So this also makes sense. However, the family best known for living there, the Lannisters, haven’t come about just yet. But the family for which the location is named will be present, and residing on location.

Like the GoT novels, the prequel is going to be an ensemble through and through. That means that there will not be any leading characters. Instead, the large cast will all share important roles in the series.

Finally, the prequel series doesn’t actually have a title yet, as you all know. However, George R.R. Martin had been considering The Long Night as a title. But he said that isn’t set in stone either. He says he’s open to variations on the title, including The Longest Night.

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