Get More Twitch Followers With These Tips

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One of the best ways to watch a video game when you were growing up was to sit beside a friend or relative and watch them play over their shoulder. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put paid to most of that and more and more people are gaming online with friends these days anyway! In the past year, if there has been anything that has become more popular, it’s using Twitch. Being online and playing with friends is great, but streaming those games for other people to watch is the new thing to do, and Twitch allows users to live stream their games for all to see – it’s pretty cool!

Get More Twitch Followers With These TipsIf you’re trying to build your followers and gain popularity over Twitch, you need to know all the tips and tricks to change your game and make the way you play appeal to others. From the games that you play to the Twitch music that you use, the way you conduct yourself online is going to be what brings your followers to you. Gaining attention is a must, and below we’ve got a few of the most effective ways that you can gain a bigger following for your gaming.

  1. Engage and communicate. Your audience needs to know that you are available as a gamer and for this, you need to engage and communicate with people as much as possible. You need to interact with other streamers online and even with your viewers, and you can then create conversations, give advice about the games and talk people through how to complete levels. When you are a Twitch newbie, this is especially important so that you can build your followers!
  2. Be consistent. If you want to be popular on Twitch, you need to get online and be consistent. You have to stream frequently and that involves getting online and being present. The people who are popular on Twitch are those who are showing up every day even if it’s just for 30 minutes at a time. If you’re consistent, people are going to be far more trusting about you and will be able to see those follower numbers go up.
  3. Play the right games. If you want to be able to pull in as many views as possible, you want to ensure that you are playing the right games that will appeal to your Twitch followers. It can be challenging, though, as some of the games that you want to play may not be on the popular list for viewers. However, you need to find the balance between what you love to play versus what people love to see. Sometimes, these two ideals may not meet, but you must do your best if you want to be popular online.
  4. Get on social media. If you have your own gaming channel, it’s vital that you are going beyond Twitch to promote yourself. Social media is probably the best thing that you could invest your time in when you want to be popular on Twitch, as you can be active and promote yourself to other gamers in your arena. When you do this, you can start capturing the attention of a whole range of people you don’t yet know, and this is going to be so effective and drive people toward your Twitch stream.
  5. Competition time. Conducting contests with generous rewards is so important if you want to generate views and gain the attention of a wider network. If people can see that you are doing a contest or giveaway, they’ll be more inclined to see how you can do more for them!

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