Get Pop-Cultured! by Barnes and Noble: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


From Quirk Books, the publisher that brought us Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and, more recently, The Resurrectionist: the Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black, comes the series that has received rave reviews, and even, perhaps, a wikia, from day one: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.
tentacle sketchI am certainly not the first to review this story: in fact, I haven’t read it in its entirety. But I include it within the listing of previews in this series for two reasons: 1) I have heard many, many good things, and do plan to read it; 2) it was among the previews for good reason – it has a graphic novel that hit shelves last Fall, a second installment that premiered this January, and a third book “in the works,” allegedly. The book is already on my “To Read” shelf, and after having read this preview, it is definitely moving up the ranks.

The layout and design are beautiful, and the odd, aged photographs are mysterious. With such an artistic base as this, I couldn’t imagine that the graphic novel wouldn’t be beautiful and haunting, and it is. Adapted and illustrated by Cassandra Jean and published by Yen Press, it was released 2 November of last year. At first, I was under the impression that this was just another one of the series of books that held some mysticism, but was generally overrated. I always wanted to pick it up, but refused because it was just too popular (I know, I’m totally pretentious, it’s a bad instinct).

gas mask chapter four artWhen the second book came out in January, I just knew that I had to read the first story. Hollow City looked even more compelling than the first cover – I mean, the girl has a hole through her abdomen – and so many people had said it was worth it, I decided to give it a go. If I don’t catch up soon, though, I might get laggy: if you hit the link in the second paragraph up there, apparently Ransom Riggs is already working on the third installment, due to the presses sometime in 2015. I’ve heard some chatter of this in other places, but couldn’t easily find more articles to confirm, so we shall see. If you find any articles on this, please, drop them down below, for everyone to hype up about.


I would definitely say that this book is Young Adult fiction: it seems to be the coming of age story of a 16-year-old boy, living the humdrum of his “Before,” and taking us on the ride through his “After.” The horror aspect of it, doesn’t seem too high… yet, and this surely wasn’t the creepiest thing I ever read as a teen, so I would not say there are many qualms for gifting the book to a young mind. The graphic novel, may be more gruesome, but the trailer doesn’t look to horrifying or scarring. Overall, this series/collection makes it on my list, and who knows, it might replace my Cirque Du Freak (Darren Shan) collection that I was forced to sell (can you read the bitterness?). Once I get it read, I may review it over on my personal blog, where I do more of my consistently bookish stuff. If that happens, no worries, I will just update this little toastie with some hot links.

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