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way of shadows graphic novel coverLike Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, this graphic novel is an adaptation of a popular Sci-fi and Fantasy novel. The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks is an older series, that undoubtedly took a bit more time and effort to get into this specific format. Also like Miss Peregrine’s the graphic novel version is published by Yen Press – the publisher of the original Way of Shadows being Orbit.

Night-AngelI do enjoy graphic novels over comic books, for the same reason I love television over film – I am a binger. I need the story all at once, and to be honest, the graphic novel forms are usually a much quicker reads than the novels; although, I don’t tend to retain as much story taking it in via art. But I do find that art, particularly beautiful. It has to express and evoke emotions all at once, while also conveying action, and that, my friends, is a skill set to be jealous of – I mean, I am. The Way of Shadows definitely fits this need for me.

Adapted by Andy MacDonald and illustrated by Ivan Brendon, the artwork and dialogue, conveys the world in a way that I perhaps would not have gathered from the book. From the very beginning you can see the Japanese influences in this world of assassins, guilds, and survival. The characters are drawn well, with good diversity in the facial constructions and wardrobe.

Rat-and-LoganTo be fair and honest, while I may not read this story (I’m not much for gore without a measure of fantastic, ethereal beauty), I will be recommending this to my brothers, who are huge fans of all things Asiatic, and have been complaining about not knowing what to read for a while now. I can almost assume what “should” happen in this storyline, but that does not mean that, for many people the action and struggle of the characters within that (what I would call, basic) structure is what draws them into the world. Perhaps I would skim this to see what poor, young Azoth must battle within himself to become who he wishes to be. For now, as you may have noted, my “to read” list is already re-packed, but if you like ninja-style assassins and comics, I would recommend this graphic novel to you. It hits the shelves 7 October, 2014.

If you have read the books, and have any comments to share to try to change my mind on reading this, feel free to give it a shot below!

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Jessa Searles

is a novice blogger, avid reader, and, now, a professional television viewer. She has written for years for her own enjoyment, and began blogging when she studied abroad in Wales. A third generation nerd, she's followed her father's path down the force but is a Trekkie, a bit removed, on her mother's side. Some of her first passions were Tolkien and Nancy Drew, but as she discovered television, addiction has set in. Now, she watches just about everything, and is here to keep you up to date on whatever TV news you want to know! She attempts to maintain a personal blog at, and a creative writing blog at Feel free to check 'em out and let her know what you think.

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