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GI Joe Placed on Hiatus at IDW

GI Joe on Leave at IDW

GI Joe is taking a sabbatical from their fight against COBRA. On Friday, comic book writer and living legend Larry Hama announced that IDW was placing the series on hiatus

From Newsarama:

“[I’ve] Just got ‘pencils down’ on a storyline I’ve been doing for 275 issues,” Hama wrote on Facebook. “This is a hiatus at present. I am wrapping up the end of ‘Snake Hunt’ so that it will be ready to go into the chute once the smoke clears.”

Larry Hama - GI Joe writer
Larry Hama in 2015 – Photo by Alex Lozupone

Hama, the long-running author of the comic, did not disclose the reason why the title, based on the Hasbro toy line, was on hiatus. However, it is pretty clear that the current coronavirus pandemic was the likely cause. Issue #271 was supposed to come out on April 1st, but due to the Diamond shutdown it, obviously, is in limbo. The current “Snake Hunt” story arc was due to wrap up in July with issue #275. People have reached out to IDW but there has been no comment.

More Bad News for the Industry

This continues a series of bad news for the comic book industry. An attempt to revive shipping books via ComicHub did not go forward due to retailer outcry. On Friday afternoon, Marvel announced they were pausing on one-third of their titles, with plans to be adjusted as time goes on. 

DC Comics, in the meantime, is raising money for beleaguered comic shops with a $250000 donation to the charity BINC, as well as auctioning off art being drawn by publisher Jim Lee.

Knowing Is Half the Battle

This is a rough time for the industry, on all fronts; we will likely hear similar stories as time goes on. 

On a personal note, while I am not a reader of GI Joe, I work with GI Joe artist Netho Diaz on my comic (he does the variant covers, as well as the main cover for issue 1). So seeing that my friend has lost work really hurts.

We must work together, like the Joes, to overcome the nefarious force of Coronavirus.

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